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Many Sanus patented technologies are featured including FollowThru in arm cable protection.

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Top of the line/Made for the biggest TV's

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Extends 28" from the wall

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Dual arm design with QuickConnect head attachment

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Supports 42"-63" flat-screen TVs/Max 200lbs

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Pro-Set adjustment feature lets you fine tune the mount position after installation

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No panning/not available in silver

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The Sanus XF228 is a full-motion wall mount with dual articulating arms that can hold 42" - 63" flat-screen televisions and a maximum weight of 200lbs. Many Sanus patented technologies are featured including FollowThru in arm cable protection, Virtual Axis tilting letting you tilt the TV with a finger, Pro-Set adjustment for getting the perfect mount position even after installation and QuickConnect which allows the mounting head to snap onto the arm assembly very easily and be removed by pressing a button. The TV can either be moved up against the wall or extended outward up to 28" from the wall while maintaining full range of movement. Maximum tilt angle is +5° to -15° and the swivel range goes up to 75°, with the added ability to roll the TV an extra +/-5° at the base. The XF228 has the same price as the VMDD26, although they have a different design. This model can support an extra 25lbs and reaches 2" further as well as offering a few more patented Sanus designs as mentioned above, although it lacks the same range of motion and panning capability of that model.

  • TV Size Range: 42.00" - 63.00" / 106.68cm - 160.02cm
  • Maximum TV Weight: 200.00 lb / 90.91 kg
  • Mounting Pattern: Universal
  • Tilt: 5.00° / - 15.00°
  • Swivel: 75.00° / - 75.00°
  • Pan: 90.00° / - 90.00°
  • Roll: 5.00° / - 5.00°


  • Width: 34.00" / 86.36 cm
  • Height: 23.00" / 58.42 cm
  • Depth Min: 3.25" / 8.26 cm
  • Depth Max: 28.00" / 71.12 cm
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