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The Sangean Waterproof H201 Radio Allows You Can Enjoy Your Morning News.

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The Sangean Waterproof H201 Radio Allows You Can Enjoy Your Morning News, Your Favorite Radio Show, Stock And Financial News, Or Your Local Ball Games. Unlike Other Shower Radios, Most Of Which Are Just Water Resistant; The Sangean H201 Is Made With Jis7 Standard, Which Is Waterproof. This Radio Issubmersible And Meets Waterproofing Standards That Are Equal To Marine radios. It Is So Versatile That You Can Enjoy Your Radio Programs While Showering, Take It On A Fishing Trip, Take It To The Beach, And Never Be Afraid Of Water Or Sand Damaging Your Radio. If You Get Caught In The Rain, It Doesn't matter. If You Drop It Off Your Boat While Fishing, This Radio Will Float.

This Radio Has A Loud Audio That Sounds Great, Excellent Reception Quality, Extremely Portable, And Runs On Two -Inch d-Inch Cell Batteries That Will Last A Long Time Without Having To Change Them. The Push-button Controls And Waterproof Speaker Are Impervious To Any Wet Environments. Built With A Sturdy, White Cabinet, This Radio Has 5 Digital Presets For Each Band (am/FM). You Can Easily lock Into Your Favorite Stations Without Relying On Inaccurate Dial Tuning. Other Great Features Include Set Time (1 To 120 Minutes), Led Flashlight, Battery level Indicator, Large Led Read Out Clock, Emergency Buzzer, Plus Other Features. Who Could Ask For Much More...if You Are Looking For A Top Of The Line, all Around Radio Look No Further.

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  • Built-in AM/FM antenna with PLL digital tuning
  • 10 station presets and auto seek function
  • Water resistant up to JIS7 standard
  • Large, easy-to-read backlit LCD
  • Easy-to-apply bracket and hanger
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Marine-Standard Waterproofing

This radio is submersible and meets JIS7 waterproofing standards that are equal to marine radios. It is so versatile that you can enjoy your radio programs while showering, take it on a fishing trip, or take it to the beach, and never be afraid of water or sand damaging your radio. If you get caught in the rain, no problem. If you drop it off your boat while fishing, this radio will float.

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LCD Display

An easy-to-read LCD display shows you station and time. The segment-style LCD screen measures 3.34" x 1.41", and is backlit to be easy to see even across the room.

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Convenient Radio Functions

PLL synthesized tuning provides exact, fade-free reception. Ten Memory Presets for 5 AM or 5 FM station selection are available and easily visible in the large LCD display. Fill your presets with Auto Seek, which finds your active stations automatically.

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Built-In Flashlight

The H201 features a powerful built-in LED flashlight for emergencies. It's great for early-morning fishing trips, inclement weather during camping trips, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the batteries rechargeable? I'd like a good portable that can be used in the shower, with rechargeable batteries and option for AC/DC hookup.

    This radio does not come with batteries. It uses 2 D batteries. You should be able to put rechargeable batteries in it.

  • Does it work with iphone or ipad/itouch?

    The other model, the H-202 with Bluetooth, should be able to play from an iP*anything with Bluetooth, or any other MP3 player as well. Think of it as just another Bluetooth speaker. (I haven't tried that model, but that's the only thing Bluetooth could possibly be for.)

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