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The SanDisk SD Gaming Memory Card line is the must have card for the Nintendo Wii game console.

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Excellent value for users with a large library of Wii Virtual Console titles - provides a considerable amount of storage space much greater than that of the unit's stock hard drive

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Much faster than standard 1GB SanDisc memory cards - content is retrieved and renders nearly twice as fast as standard 1GB models, ideal for gaming applications

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Available for significantly less money than price listed - users report finding the unit for as little as $10 at select retailers

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Also works flawlessly with Nintendo DS/DSi/3DS handhold consoles - excellent for for switching compatible content back and forth between consoles

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Incapable of playing WiiWare and Wii Virtual Console titles directly from the disk - seemingly convoluted loading process may disappoint consumers

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Product is possibly the result of inflation due to branding - identical models without Nintendo marketing sell for considerably less

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May not comprehensively back-up all stored hard drive contents - users report inconsistencies when repairing saved disc images, especially amongst online gaming saves within Mario Kart, CoD, MW, etc.

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The SanDisk SD Gaming Memory Card line is the must have card for the Nintendo Wii game console. For maximum performance and to get the most out of all the advanced features on the Wii™, you’ll need a SanDisk Gaming Card. With SanDisk, you will be able to download and store games, store game saves, and edit and store photos.

Note: this is just a normal SD memory card with a nice colour and cool sticker.

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11/07/2007 10:02

What IS the memory card used for anyway?

11/06/2007 07:52

My comment remains the same, even if the number has changed. And until Nintendo allows you to play saves off of the SD Cards, dont buy the SD cards.

11/06/2007 07:11

@silence. It's 2.0 GB not 20 GB

@dkplayer: Don't get it! Save your money and buy any standard SD memory card. The "Wii" branded memory doesn't add anything other than the Wii logo.

11/06/2007 07:07

I seriously thought wii didn't need this stuff... oh well. addding that to my christmas list.

12/15/2006 11:16

20 GB would certainly last a really long time (in my case anyway).

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