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The Extreme Contour is a high-end USB flash drive from SanDisk, initially released in 2009.

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outer shell is durable, will resist minor impacts

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design protects the connector and internal components effectively

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very fast file transfer rates

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indicator light lets you know at a glance when files are moving

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leather case is stylish and keeps it from bouncing around while not being used

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included software loads up quickly, very helpful for many

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a bit larger than most USB keys, can be difficult to wedge in between multiple connected devices

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can accidentally retract the connector when inserting into a port if held wrong

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The Extreme Contour is a high-end USB flash drive from SanDisk, initially released in 2009. The manufacturer claims speeds up to 25MB/second on reads and 18MB/second on writes. This drive features a retractable USB interface, meaning users do not have to worry about losing caps. The Extreme Contour is fairly wide, and has the potential to block other nearby USB ports depending on the machine. Also included in the box is a soft protective sleeve and clip for attaching the drive to a keychain or lanyard. Bundled is SanDisk’s U3 LaunchPad software, an application suite that allows users to run programs from the USB drive without the risk leaving personal data behind. For users concerned about security, SanDisk includes optional hardware-based AES encryption. The SanDisk Extreme Contour starts at MSRP $38.99.

  • 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB capacities
  • 25MB/second read
  • 18MB/second write
  • AES hardware encryption
  • Ideal for HD video
  • Retractable USB interface
  • Included protective sleeve and clip
  • Windows ReadyBoost compatible
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