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The SanDisk Sansa View is the update to the critically acclaimed Sansa E200 Series line of flash based media players.

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Great GB/$ ratio

29 agree

MicroSD/SDHC expansion slot

25 agree

Large screen size without being bulky

22 agree

Mechanical wheel's tactile feedback is satisfying

17 agree

Very light weight

13 agree

No drivers needed - drag & drop supported

13 agree

Good video format compatibility

10 agree

includes an FM tuner

6 agree

Using a SanDisk Audio/TV Cable, it Plays videos on external external monitors (Beamer, TV...).

5 agree

Dual USB modes (MTP, MSC)

4 agree

built in voice and FM radio recording

4 agree

Scratch-resistant face

2 agree

Software integrates better with my SD memory card than did the E250

1 agrees
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No way to cycle quickly through long song lists.

14 agree

No DivX support

13 agree

No tailored accessories market, just universal stuff

12 agree

Unable to create/edit playlists away from PC

12 agree

Sometimes slow to update screen after button presses, ie: track skip, FF/RWD, volume, sometimes locks out button presses, continues playing song, but unresponsive to buttons.

6 agree

Poorly organized user interface

5 agree

Instable firmware

4 agree

Battery life is greatly decreased when the screen is on full brightness

4 agree

Large for a flash-based media player

4 agree

Poor Podcast support.

3 agree

Occasionally crashes.

1 agrees

I would not recommend this device for people who want to use it to listen to a lot of Podcasts, because the fast forward feature on the Sansa only skips ahead 8 seconds at a time.

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rubbish battery, 6 hours at the most,not over 30 like sandisk say

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Crappy headphones provided.

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Buttons around the scroll wheel are small

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Software doesn't always pull the correct album art and title with the song that is playing.

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no bookmarking

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Playlist can be a pain in the neck to create. Even when you transfer them using WMP sometimes it won't show up ot xfer.

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The SanDisk Sansa View is the update to the critically acclaimed Sansa E200 Series line of flash based media players. Falling squarely in direct competition with the iPod Nano the Sansa View offers a similar screen size, resolution and format playback. SanDisk distinguishes the Sansa View with a larger screen, more features, much higher capacity, and compatibility with more formats.

Looking at the View it's easy to see that it shares a lot with the iPod Nano in terms of overall look. The big circle on the front of the player is a mechanical scroll wheel reminiscent of the wheel found on first generation iPods. Sansa takes design cues from later generation iPods as well, and makes the wheel clickable for explicit music controls such as play and pause. The screen on the Sansa is the same resolution as the Nano's, 320x240, but is actually the same size as the iPod Classic's screen, 2.4 inches.

  • 2.4" LCD, 320 x 240 resolution
  • Video support: MPEG4, WMV, h.264 (at 30 fps)
  • Only JPEG image support
  • MicroSDHC slot
  • FM Tuner
  • Voice recorder
  • Models: 8 GB - $149, 16 GB - $199 32 GB - $350
  • battery life: audio - 30 hours, video - 6 hours

At 32GB of flash memory the View has one of the highest storage capacities in this level of players. The amount of storage can be further increased through the player's integrated MicroSD slot. The player is compatible with Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) cards that max out at 16GB making total possible storage come in at 48GB. Photos, music and video can all be stored and played on the View with the most popular file formats supported.

For video playback MPEG4, WMV, and h.264 formats are all supported at a full 30 frames per second. While the iPod has iTunes, the View works with subscription based services such as Napster and Rhapsody. Image files are limited to JPEG. SanDisk has stated they'll update the firmware to support new formats over time. Photos and videos can be viewed with the player in the normal upright position, or in landscape mode for widescreen viewing.

Other features that set the Sansa View apart from the Nano are the FM tuner with 20 presents, and an integrated voice recorder. SanDisk is rates the battery life as offering 30 hours of continuous audio playback, and 6 hours of video.

Models and Pricing

The Sandisk Sansa View was released in mid-September 2007 and is available in threee capacities: 8 GB for $149 16 GB for $199 and 32 GB for $350 respectively

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02/26/2009 12:05

The screen freezing up is bugging me with the player, up to the point i would just put up with it and not touch buttons for a while

11/26/2008 03:27

Ive had this product for about 8 months, at first it was great. I was able to upload any song, upload a bunch of movies, and i would say ive taken decent care of it. But here lately it hasnt been working, the screen will freeze up, sometimes it wont turn on, and yesterday i went to play some music and it didnt show any of the songs, artists or albums i had on it, almost like they were erased. I dunno, i think id rather go with an ipod, all my friends and family have had no problems with the pod, while this is putting me through hell

10/21/2008 02:33

I live in Tel Aviv, Israel.
I got my Sansa View 8G 3 montths ago. Today, i tried charge battery. It looks like can't perserve its energy. It looks like is damaged.
I am worried.

10/11/2008 11:53

I've had mine for a little over 6 months and love it. The only negatives I can really think of are the problem mfwills has with going through songs (Although it isn't even close to as bad as he makes it sound. Just wait the 10 seconds for the display to shut off, and it's working fine.) and the fact that it automatically syncs every single time you plug it into the computer without asking. And those are just minor problems, nothing that should stop you from getting this. It has much better battery life than any other MP3 player I have used, and has much better fit and finish than most others too. (I suppose that's the one area where an iPod might be better.) It does take a bit of getting used to, but once you do, it is very simple to use.

10/09/2008 02:54

Run... do not walk... RUN from this peice of crap.

I am so sorry I wasted my money on a 16g View. I shopped and compared and I thought I wa getting more bang for my buck when compared to a Nano or Zune. What I got was a piece of junk that I've had to have replaced by Sandisk no less than 5 times since January 2008 and a huge headache.

THIS is what I want to do with it.
Watch the video.... fast forward to about the 5:16 mark and let her rip

I am absolutely serious. If Satan's feces were an mp3 player it would be the Sandisk Sansa View.

09/26/2008 04:21

I will throw in my two cents' worth here.

Which is to say, I am supremely sorry I wasted my money on the Sansa View 8g.

I'll admit that it sounds good and the display is nice and bright and clear, but the battery life is nowhere near the claimed 30 hours of audio (looks more like 8 to me), and it has a nasty problem with freezing.

By which, I mean that in moving forward and backward through the songs, the display frequently locks on the current song (the one you just left). Yes, you can hear the next or previous song, but the display is still on the last one, and the controls will not work until the display catches up, which can take what seems like an eternity. No volume control (which can be nasty if your songs are not all normalized), and no moving to yet another song, nothing. Sometimes I look at the display and note that it is locked on a song several plays back.

SanDisk has replaced my unit three times now, and nothing has changed. Still unacceptable battery life, still freezes.

09/24/2008 01:18
SanDisk is well known brand with reliable products. Recently I've got their palyer View. They worked on this a lot: good design and many functions that are easy to use. Good product SanDisk!
08/08/2008 11:49

this player has my full confidence. After going through multiple i-pods i decided to try a different producer and hesitated a little when purchasing the sandisk view, however, i quickly became happy with my decision as the views interface and compatibility with windows media player makes it so simple and fast! its battery life is something to be enjoyed as well! the video formats were a little tricky, finding the right codecs, converting files, but once i went through the process a few times it became simple. going on a year now with zillions of hours use and no issues.

06/01/2008 03:49

The firmware is still in early beta stage and the player is unstable. Check the forums at Sandisk, there are numerous complaints in their forums:

The player is not yet ready to be sold.

03/08/2008 04:18

this was a great player for the price but im not too sure about its quality... theres no good software to upload songs through. i uploaded a list only to find that the player accepted only some of the songs, not all of them, even though they're in the right format. then it wouldnt take songs that came off a CD, only downloaded ones. windows media player sucks!

and my battery died rather quickly. im debating whether to take it back..

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