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This approach has made SanDisk the number two company, after Apple, in the media player industry.

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Very competitive price/storage ratio

27 agree

Good audio quality

22 agree

More features than Shuffle and Stone

21 agree

OGG support as of firmware version 1.01.29a - May 16, 2008

15 agree

Remembers where you left off listening to music or an audiobook.

14 agree

Available in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB sizes

12 agree

Available in black, blue, red, pink and silver

11 agree

Clip is removable

10 agree

FLAC support as of firmware version 1.01.30a

8 agree

built in fm tuner

5 agree

good sound quality FM recorder

3 agree

Continues to play music while charging or connected to PC

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1GB only available in black

13 agree

Can only be recharged using the USB cable.

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Have to reset every now and again

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Power switch can feel flimsy

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The Sansa Clip is a bare bones audio player by SanDisk that continues the memory maker's tradition for releasing media players that compete in features and quality, but at a lower cost. This approach has made SanDisk the number two company, after Apple, in the media player industry. True to its namesake, the Sansa Clip comes with an integrated clip for attaching the player to your clothes. The small weight and size are intended to make the Clip less intrusive during a workout.

  • 1GB for $40, 2GB for $70
  • 4-line, 2-color OLED screen
  • FM tuner with 40 channels
  • Voice recording with built-in microphone
  • 92dB signal-to-noise ratio
  • Formats: MP3, WMA (including protected), Audible
  • Battery life: 15 hours
  • Dimensions: 2.2" x 1.4" x 0.5"

Despite its small size SanDisk has included a number of extra features that distinguish it from its main competition, the iPod Shuffle and Creative Zen Stone. Most notably is the inclusion of the 4-line OLED screen that lets you browse through your collection and toggle settings from the player itself. Alongside the radio functionality is the ability to record FM broadcasts, and record your voice through the integrated microphone. All recordings are saved in the WAV file format.

On the format side the standard formats are supported, but no support for some of the less popular such as Ogg Vorbis. Audible support for audio books, and protected WMA support are both notable features of the Clip. The Clip integrates with Rhapsody's subscription service and lets you mark songs so they are automatically purchased next time you sync the player with your computer.

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01/15/2013 06:43

i can't charge i need a special site.

Haris Khalid
09/19/2011 01:33

i love this >3 >3 >3 i will buy this on my birthday

10/05/2008 04:09

FLAC now supported as of firmware version 1.01.30a, which can be found here:

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