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The RFG298AARS is a french-door style refrigerator from Samsung.

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interior - well organized with lots of shelving space

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looks great - has a clean, streamlined aesthetic

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front control panel - features intuitive controls with easy to press buttons

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good lighting system - illuminates all levels and corners for greater visibility

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the two drawers glide smoothly and effortlessly

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water comes out cool, not cold

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only the doors are made of stainless steel - the sides are grey metal

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doesn't make a lot of ice - might produce too little for some families

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ice maker is very loud when dropping ice

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The RFG298AARS is a french-door style refrigerator from Samsung.  The fridge is designed with a standard 36" width and has the same dimensions as a standard 26 cu.ft. unit but offers a larger total capacity of 29 cu.ft.  It features Samsung's Twin Cooling system with dual evaporators and fans which cool the fridge and freezer separately and prevent moisture loss.  The fridge also has a CoolSelect pantry drawer which can be set to a custom temperature to quickly thaw or chill items.  The RFG298AARS is designed with internal LED lighting and offers an external LED display on the front door.  It is an upgrade to the RFG297AARS since it has a built-in water and ice dispenser with an integrated filter and an extra icemaker inside the freezer compartment.  The fridge includes an easy-to-open freezer door handle and has a PowerFreeze/PowerCool feature for chilling items in a short amount of time.  The RFG298AARS comes in a stainless steel finish and is Energy Star qualified for higher efficiency.

  • French Door Design
  • Twin Cooling System
  • Interior LED Lighting
  • External LED Display
  • Built-in Water/Ice Dispenser /w Filter
  • Additional Built-in Icemaker
  • CoolSelect Pantry
  • PowerFreeze & PowerCool Technology
  • Stainless Steel Finish & Handles
  • Energy Star Qualified
  • Standard 36" Width
  • Total Capacity: 29 cu.ft.
  • Fridge Capacity: 19.7 cu.ft.
  • Freezer Capacity: 8.8 cu.ft.
Model Variations
  • Samsung RFG298AAWP - White Finish - MSRP $2500
  • Samsung RFG298AABP - Black Finish - MSRP $2500
  • Samsung RFG298AAPN - Stainless Platinum Finish - MSRP $2700
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