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Samsung's RF4287 is a mid-range stainless steel refrigerator with 28 cubic feet of interior space.

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unique drawer at counter-level - provides easier access to select items

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lots of room - well suited for larger families

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looks good - features as minimalist french door design made of stainless steel

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good interior lighting - every corner of the fridge is well lit

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the front isn't magnetic - only the sides are

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doesn't have stainless steel sides

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poor customer support from the manufacturer

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unreliable - has issues with the compressor

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 Samsung's RF4287 is a mid-range stainless steel refrigerator with 28 cubic feet of interior space. One of its main features is a drawer at counter-level with 4 interior sections that can be kept at different temperatures. This fridge uses a cooling system that keeps the freezer and fridge airflows completely separate, allowing ideal differences in humidity to keep refrigerated goods good for longer. Other features include a thin-walled stainless steel body and water and ice dispensers, and a bright interior LED. Comes with vegetable and fruit drawers, several shelves, and wine rack.

  • Stainless steel body
  • Thin-walled insulation
  • 28 cu. ft., 7.7 freezer and 16.3 refrigerator
  • LED lighting
  • Counter-level drawer easier for children
  • Drawer contains 4-way divider
  • 2 vegetable and fruit drawers
  • 5 glass shelves
  • 1 folding shelf
  • Wine rack
  • Automatic ice maker
  • Separate airflow regions
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Steven Harper
01/13/2012 01:02

This refrigerator's ice maker is the worst. Doesn't make much ice and dispenses it poorly. If I had it to do over again I would not buy this frig.

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