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The Samsung RF266AERS is a 26 cu. Ft stainless steel French Door refrigerator from Samsung.

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runs very quietly, can't generally hear it at all

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interior is well designed to maximize the use of the space

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door handles are easy to grab and work with

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LED lighting does a great job lighting up the entire interior

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design is simple and impressive, finish is flawless

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tends to collect fingerprints quickly, finish needs to be treated to keep it looking clean

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having it serviced is a very difficult process

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some quality control issues reported, needs to be thoroughly checked upon receipt

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The Samsung RF266AERS is a 26 cu. ft stainless steel French Door refrigerator from Samsung. This refrigerator features Samsung's EZ-Open Handle which ensures the freezer opens effortlessly even when fully loaded.  It also features self closing doors to ensure a tight seal every time. Samsung's Twin Cooling Plus cooling system which keeps cooling air in the freezer seperate from the the air in the refrigerator. It does this by using two independent evaporators, two independent cooling fans and precise electronic control. The Samsung RF266AERS includes an internal digital display and controls which display the refrigerator and freezer temperatures and other information. It also has the ability to "fast chill" or "fast freeze" food whenever needed with the press of a button. Other features include Surround Air Flow which provides even cooling throughout the refrigerator and an automatic ice maker.

  • 26 cu. ft. space
  • EZ-Open Handle on freezer
  • CoolTight door (automatic door closing)
  • Fast chill or Fast Freeze feature
  • Twin Cooling Plus
  • Surround Air Flow
  • Egg container
  • 5 shelves
  • Humidity Controlled Crispers
  • CoolSelect Pantry
  • Internal Filtered Water Dispenser
  • In-Door Pizza Pocket
  • Energy Star compliant
  • Samsung RF266AEWP 
    • White colour
    •  $1,599.99
  • Samsung RF266AEBP
    • Black colour
    •  $1,599.99
  • Samsung RF266AEPN
    • Stainless Platinum
    • $1,799.99
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