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The Samsung RF197ACRS is an 18 cu. Ft stainless steel French Door refrigerator from Samsung.

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runs very quietly, generally can't hear it at all

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shelving is easy to reconfigure to the desired setup

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refrigerates and freezes things quickly

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enough space for taller items to fit comfortably

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uses very little power when using normal settings

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button interface is comfortable and pleasant, provides nice auditory feedback

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freezer door tends to get stiff, difficult to pull out

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freezer handle tends to get loose with normal use

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The Samsung RF197ACRS is an 18 cu. ft stainless steel French Door refrigerator from Samsung. The French Door refrigerator is almost 3" slimmer than conventional models. It features Samsung's Twin Cooling Plus cooling system which keeps cooling air in the freezer separate from the the air in the refrigerator. It does this by using two independent evaporators, two independent cooling fans and precise electronic control. The Samsung RF197ACRS includes an internal digital display and controls which display the refrigerator and freezer temperatures and other information. It also has the ability to "fast chill" or "fast freeze" food whenever needed with the press of a button. Other features include Surround Air Flow which provides even cooling throughout the refrigerator and an automatic ice maker. The Samsung RF197ACRS is very similar to the larger Samsung RF217ACRS though the RF197ACRS is smaller by 2 cu. ft and has 3 total shelves while the RF217ACRS has 5 shelves.

  • 18 cu. ft. space
  • 3 Shelves
  • 2 minute door alarm
  • Twin Cooling Plus cooling system
  • Surround Air Flow
  • Ez-Open freezer handle
  • CootTight Door (automatically closes refrigerator doors)
  • Humidity Controlled Crispers
  • Internal digital display and controls
  • LED lighting
  • "Power Freeze" and 'Power Cool" features
  • ENERGY STAR compliant
  • Samsung RF197ACWP 
    • White colour
    • $1,099.00
  • Samsung RF197ACBP
    • Black colour
    •  $1,099.00
  • Samsung RF197ACBP
    • Platinum
    • $1,199.00
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02/12/2011 01:08

I was looking at purchasing this model, It was going to be a package deal with a stove and dishwasher. would you recommend this fridge or no?

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