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The Samsung WF419AAU is a front loading washing machine with a large capacity.

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plenty of presets for all kinds of fabrics

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detergent lasts a long time, doesn't use much per load

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Activ-fresh is perfect for freshening up garments, doesn't leave a metallic smell

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controls are simplified and easy to use

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musical buzzer at the end of the cycle is easy to hear and sounds nice

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large capacity, can handle lots of laundry at a time

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some vibration can be felt though the floor, not quite right for a 2nd floor laundry room

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The Samsung WF419AAU is a front loading washing machine with a large capacity. It has the same 4.3 cu ft capacity and Diamond Drum design as the Samsung WF410, but also includes silver ion sanitizing that kills 99% of odor causing bacteria. It also has steam washing functionality to help with stain removal, and 4 automatic dispenser trays handle detergents for prewash, main, softner and bleach stages.

As with other washers in the line, it uses a direct drive motor and is Energy Star compliant. 12 wash cycles and 7 wash options are selected with a LED control panel and center soft touch dial. Vibration Reduction technology reduces the noise while running, and a child lock is included for safety.

  • 4.3 cu ft capacity
  • Diamond Drum
  • ActivFresh (silver ion sanitizing)
  • Steam Washing
  • Vibration Reduction Technology
  • Direct drive motor
  • Delayed start (up to 24 hours)
  • Center soft touch dial
  • 12 wash cycles
  • 7 wash options
  • Sanitize cycle (NSF Certified)
  • Child lock with alert
  • Dispenser trays: Prewash, Main, Softner, Bleach
  • Energy Star compliant
Model Variations
  • Samsung WF419AAU - Steel Blue - MSRP $1299.99
  • Samsung WF419AAW - Neat White - MSRP $1199.99
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