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The Samsung WF350ANW is a high-end front loading washer similar to the Samsung WF330ANW.

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dispensers work reliably, never miss a cycle once you've set them

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clothes come out clean and fresh, especially with the steam functions

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runs very quietly, won't usually hear it in the next room

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offers plenty of control over how the wash cycle runs

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will shake at the beginning of the spin cycle until it self-adjusts

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mold can tend to form in the detergent dispenser

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Washer is extremely sensitive and will not spin most of the time, leaving clothes completely wet

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Leaks water after only having for 2years. Lowe's has not fixed it after 4 service calls! I am very disappointed.

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mold buildup can accumulate on the outside edge of the drum

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The Samsung WF350ANW is a high-end front loading washer similar to the Samsung WF330ANW. The sole improvement that the WF350ANW boasts over the WF330ANW is its expanded wash cycles (11 as opposed to the WF330ANW's 9) including a Deep Steam cycle. Otherwise, the two washers sport very similar features, including a Diamond Drum design and a self cleaning cycle.

The WF350ANW's Deep Steam cycle applies high-powered steam to clothing, eliminating the need for pre-treating as fresh stains and dirt are loosened by the pressured steam. Its Diamond Drum design features an inner drum design that is studded with diamond-shaped bumps designed to reduce wear on clothing. Additionally, the WF350ANW's PureCycle self cleaning option is not only convenient, it lengthens the life of the drum as only hot water is used to clean it.


  • 4.3 cu. ft. capacity
  • Steam Clean technology
  • Diamond Drum design
  • Bleach, detergent and fabric softener dispensers
  • PureCycle self-cleaning option
  • Deep Steam cycle
  • Vibration Reduction Technology
  • 11 Wash Cycles
  • 3 Wash Cycle Options
  • 1 Year warranty, parts and labour
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