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Samsung's High Efficiency front loading washer, uses less power, water and detergent to clean your clothes.

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Silvercare technology actually does work (eliminates need of bleach)

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Uses less resources than top loaders

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Samsung's appliance quality is suspect

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Washing can take a long time (2 hours)

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Samsung's High Efficiency front loading washer, like all front loaders, uses less power, water and detergent to clean your clothes. In March 2007, Samsung issued a recall for the washer in response to a design flaw that resulted in an increased fire risk. The new models released feature a sealed circuit board that eliminates the flaw.

Front loading washes use up to one fourth less water than traditional top loaders. With the fast spin cycle at 1100 RPMs powered by the direct drive motor, the clothes come out less wet requiring less time and energy from the dryer. Due to the high revolutions of the spin cycle if the washer is not installed properly this can result in substantial vibrations and noise. Front loading washers typically have longer cycle times than the top loading variety.

The advertised Silvercare technology releases trace amounts of silver ions into the washer to destroy bacteria, reducing the need for bleach and chlorine. The silver cleans not only the clothes that are inside the wash, but also the drum itself. Some concerns exist over the use of silver ions since their long term health effects have not been studied.

A built-in water heater raises the temperature of the water in situations where the washer is located far away from the water heater. The matching dryer can be stacked but requires the purchase of an additional kit for them to properly fit.

Samsung includes extra convenience features to match the higher price. Optional cycles can be set such as extra spin, and extra wash. A delay timer is included to specify an exact time when the washer should run.

  • Dimensions: 27”(W) x 38”(H) x 30.7” (D)
  • Weight: 194.5 Lbs 
  • Stainless steel drum, with a silver colored enamel body
Post Review
08/06/2007 06:16

Samsung states (and I've read a personal review or two) that the 3.79 cubic feet capacity can handle a king-sized comforter. And while washing time may be high, the decrease in drying time is pretty substantial as well.

08/06/2007 05:41

2 hours washing time?!? And from what I've seen, most of these front-loading washers aren't big enough to do big loads. Like you can't wash comforters in these. That sucks, because if you send them out to the cleaners, they cost a lot.

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