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The Samsung WF220ANW is a high-end front loading washer similar to the Samsung WF210ANW.

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bright digital clock shows number of minutes left in the cycle, can see it from across the room

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runs very quietly, even during the spin cycle you can talk in a normal voice while standing next to it

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coins and other objects are collected in an easily accessible area

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water and electricity use are very low, energy efficient

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door is wide and easy to work with - lots of room to put things in and pull them out

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tune played at the end of the cycle isn't very loud, won't hear it unless you're in the same room

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need to read the instructions to operate it properly, seems overwhelming at first

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The Samsung WF220ANW is a high-end front loading washer similar to the Samsung WF210ANW. The WF220ANW boasts two major improvements over the WF210ANW, namely a self-cleaning cycle and more wash cycles (8 as opposed to the WF210ANW's 6). Otherwise, the two washers sport similar features and specs, including a 4 cu. ft. capacity, a 19 Hour Delay Start Timer and Vibration Reduction Technology.

The WF220ANW's PureCycle self-cleaning option uses only very hot water rather than harsh chemicals to remove dirt and eliminate bacteria, lengthening the life of the drum. Its 19 Hour Delay Start Timer allows users to set the WF220ANW to start at a set point in the near future, allowing laundry to be ready just as you're coming home from work. Additionally, the WF220ANW's Vibration Reduction Technology ensures smooth, quiet performance while in use, allowing the WF220ANW to be placed on the upper floors of a house without worry.



  • 4 cu. ft. capacity
  • Bleach, detergent and fabric softener dispensers
  • PureCycle self-cleaning option
  • 19 Hour Delay Start Timer
  • Vibration Reduction Technology
  • 8 Wash Cycles
  • 3 Wash Cycle Options
  • 1 Year warranty, parts and labour
Post Review
07/18/2011 01:35

I'm so disappointed in my first front loading washing machine, the Samsung WF220. We've had it for several months now. We live in the country and my husband farms, so our clothes get dirty. This machine does not move enough water through the clothes to move the dirt out, and get them clean. At most, they are saturated, but never soaking or being washed in standing water. As a result, we have clothes going through the washer then the dryer, and stains becoming set. I've never had yellow under the arms of our t-shirts until we got this machine. Our previous machine washed our clothes more thoroughly. Also, this washer, or the dryer, is hard on our clothes. I've found that t-shirts I've had for years which were still in good condition, in this washer are now "pilling" on the surface. I think the spin cycle is too hard on them. Consequently, I'm turning all of our shirts and nice slacks inside out so they don't become old and worn looking. I would not buy this machine again, and am seriously looking for a way to find a better washer even if I have to take a loss financially.

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