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This compact front load washer (2.4 cu. Ft.) may be small but this machine has some power (1200 rpm spin speed) .

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Can be stacked when paired with it's partner dryer

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Very fast spin cycle

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Compact size makes it excellent for a small apartment

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Holds a decent load

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Loud spin cycle

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Software is a little buggy. Cycles can end early. Random error codes.

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Questionable durability

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This compact front load washer (2.4 cu. ft.) may be small but this machine has some power (1200 rpm spin speed).  It features 14 wash cycles and 5 soil levels just to name a few.  It's 24" width is suitable for small spaces.  Other features:  delay start, time left indicator, quick wash, and fault check display.  The matching dryer is the DV665JW and can be stacked using the SK-2A (comes with the washer) stacking kit.

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09/04/2011 04:19

Don't expect too much for this low priced product. I bought these compact washer and dryer to fit in a very small place.

The software of both machine is crap. Gentle cycle doesn't complete and I had to switch to another cycle to finally get the door open!

The dryer is stopping with strange error code, apparently filter related, but even after cleaning the filter it just refuse to start again. I had to disconnect and reconnect the machine to finally restart it. Frustrating!

Also, I live in Quebec, so the machine control are in French and English, but the French translation is absolutely horrible. 'End' is translatred 'Extrémité' wich doesn't make sense in the context.



09/04/2011 07:19

Gosh.. I wish I knew where you bought a compact washer and dryer to fit into small places..maybe it would be start to finding them here.. Mostly I am looking for a washer that I can hook it up to my kitchen sink.. In this.. I am not expecting... too much.. and would like a whole price range.. and would work with the minor problems.. The ear phones I got on onesaleaday.. because I thought I knew what I was buying....and it was cheap.. but if they are not useable for .. me..maybe I will send them back or sell them to someone here..

08/31/2011 09:19

I would have to agree with Dylan's posting. Bought this pair on sale - half the cost of any other compact on the market at the time. Washes okay when it works, issue is it doesn't always work.
I have this machine up at my cottage, so it sees minimal use - maybe a load or two every other week. have had constant 4E (water pressure) lock-outs. Turn the power off for a week - it works again for a load or two then locks out again. The manual is no help, do every it says to clear the problem - same result. I might have put a dozen loads of laundry through it since day one. It will cost me more to get it diagnosed and repaired, then it cost me originally, by the time the service guys come out, look at it, come back and replace a part, that may or may not be the problem...Never Samsung ever again!!!

01/14/2011 04:44

This washer machine is a peice of crap, I bought this thing new and have had nothing but problems with it from day one! After two years im paying people to come work on it and they tell me the motor has died. all I can say is stay away from samsung...

09/16/2010 02:17

Washer started leaking out of the bottom (left side) about 1 cup of water after 2 years.. repair was extremely expensive and Samsung customer call centre was terrible to deal with. Not impressed.

01/07/2009 05:17

This is a fairly small-sized washer, but still handles a good load. The compact size and stackability with the dryer is perfect for fitting in my apartment. Very quiet cycles and does a great job cleaning clothes. The very fast spin cylce sounds like a small jet engine.



12/15/2011 07:02

I can only say I would buy it again if I needed a second pair. I bought it for size. It has turned into a work horse. Saves on water bill and cleans great. Reading the manual thoroughly will eliminate the negative reviews I have read on this site.



10/23/2012 07:26

I have the same washing machine Samsung WF-J1254 and have had it only about 3 years and I have the set and the washing machine is a piece of crap it will not take the water out after it tries to wash I have it on the lowest cycle now and it doest even finish washing my clothes I believe its the Pump myself because I have to empty by hand all the time so can't wash with it any more after only 3 years no more Samsung For Me.

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