The Samsung DV209AGW is a mid-level to high-end gas dryer designed to reduce necessary drying time and power consumption.

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The Samsung DV209AGW is a mid-level to high-end gas dryer designed to reduce necessary drying time and, as a result, power consumption. The DV209AGW's sensor drying technology reduces necessary drying time by detecting when the clothes have appropriately dried which signals a stop to the cycle. Alternately, the DV209AGW comes equipped with 3 standard drying levels to suit user preference. Additionally, the DV209AGW's wrinkle release function provides a faster alternative to ironing. The DV209AGW's larger 7.3 cu. ft. capacity also allows for larger loads.

Sensor drying technology detects the level of moisture within the DV209AGW during dry cycles and stops automatically once the level of moisture has been reduced to an appropriate amount; this prevents under- and over-drying. When paired with the DV209AGW's 7.3 cu. ft capacity, sensor drying technology can dry even large, dense loads accurately in one cycle. The DV209AGW also comes with three drying levels: more dry, normal dry, and less dry. These levels are meant to cater to personal preference, allowing the user to pick their preferred level of dry. The DV209AGW also comes with a wrinkle release function which prevents wrinkles from setting into freshly dried clothes, reducing the need for ironing.

  • Wrinkle release function prevents wrinkles
  • Sensor drying technology reduces energy consumption
  • More dry, normal dry, and less dry settings
  • 7.3 cu. ft capacity
  • Coated drum interior prevents rust or discoloration
  • LED console
  • Child lock
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