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The Samsung 700Z is an ultra-slim premium digital photo frame designed for the average consumer.

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gorgeous 7" AMOLED display - much better colours, blacks, contrast, viewing angles, and energy consumption than other LCD technologies

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can be used as a second monitor through its USB connection

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4GB of internal storage

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built-in card reader and USB port for support of the majority of consumer camera flash memory / USB thumbdrives

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built-in Bluetooth

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extremely thin display

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higher than average resolution for a 7" display - 1024 x 600px

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DLNA support for easy syncing with other compatible devices

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ugly wide base

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no WiFi

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high price for the size

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high gloss enclosure - fingerprint magnet

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The Samsung 700Z is an ultra-slim premium digital photo frame designed for the average consumer looking for a more affordable option. The Samsung 700z is designed to display a users photos and videos (includes audio). The Samsung 700z's most prominent feature is a 7" AMOLED display with 1024X600 pixel widescreen resolution.

The Samsung 700z also includes additional features such as a .01MS response rate, and 180 degree viewing angles.  The 700Z also has Samsung's secondary PC monitor capability and uses DLNA technology with full Bluetooth support to sync with other DNLA-enabled devices to aid with sharing photos and videos.

  • High-end digital photo frame for average consumers
  • Integrated 7" AMOLED LCD display; with a 1024 x 600 max resolution
  • Displays users photos and videos
  • Includes built-in multi-card reader
  • USB speakers
  • DNLA technology support for media sharing
  • Release: March, 2010
  • Approximate MSRP: $300
Known Specs
  • 4 GB Internal memory
  • 0.1ms response rate
  • 180 degree viewing angle
  • Bluetooth support

This device has not yet been released so the product information is not complete; it will be updated as soon as further information has been made available.

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