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Samsung BD-P1500 is a blu-ray player that features Profile 1.1 specifications.

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Has ethernet and USB ports for firmware upgrades.

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Is BD 2.0 profile ready via promised firmware upgrade.

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Up-converts standard DVDS to HDTV-compliant 720p, 1080i or 1080p

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Bitstreams both HD audio formats

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Anynet+ technology for controlling multiple Samsung A/V products from a single remote

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$179.99 at Costco and $199.99 at Futureshop (on sale)

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Can be found for 348.00 at Walmart (currently comes with 100.00 Walmart GC)

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Loads quicker than earlier models.

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.HDMI 1.3 output

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Decodes Dolby TrueHD

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Can run a little hot. USB port does allow for a USB powered laptop cooler to be placed underneath the unit.

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there have been some complaints of audio drops during playback of certain disks.

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has problems with returning to play after pausing, some of the buttons on the remote are not sensitive enough.

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Sound tends to lag on some disks. Firmware upgrade helped some but still off.

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Proprietary WiFi adapter is expensive.

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Samsung BD-P1500 is a blu-ray player that features Profile 1.1 specifications. The player features Dolby TrueHD built-in decoder and bitstream for all high-resolution audio output, and also has a USB and ethernet interface for firmware updates. The Samsung BD-P1500 feature's Samsung's Anynet+ technology which allows the viewer to control multiple Samsung A/V products from a single remote. The player also is equipped with HDMI 1.3 output and has 2-channel analog audio outputs, plus component and composite video output.

  • Profile 1.1
  • 1080p
  • Dolby TrueHD decoder
  • Bitstream for high-resolution audio format
  • Anynet+ technology for controlling multiple Samsung A/V products from a single remote
  • USB and ethernet interface for firmware updates
  • 2-channel analog audio outputs, component and composite video output
  • HDMI 1.3 output
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08/31/2009 11:50

Good player, haven`t noticed dropouts. However, after firmware upgrades noticed that some dics were not playeable which is a disappoinment.

03/15/2009 03:17

Dad got this Oct 20th 08 last year. It was alright for a couple months but since I played Hellboy 1 I noticed a major sound lag. Firmware for December messed that up. Upgraded to January's firmware. Seemed fixed for a time. But played Final Countdown , severe audio lag so much so I couldn't watch it. And the sound completely dropped out on that movie. Had to turn it completely off and back on and re insert disc to get the sound.

Also sound lag on Max Payne. Not much but the audio and lips don't match. From this experience, bit iffy on getting a Samsung myself. looking at the Sherwood BDP-5003 but with them, I'm not sure of firmware upgrades there.

01/07/2009 05:08

This unit is currently on sale at for $199 (PLUS you get 3 free Blu-Ray disks). I also saw this model at Costco for sale at $179.

11/16/2008 11:25

I've now had this unit for 4 months and have had no audio dropouts. Much faster-loading than my Toshiba HD-DVD and overall, I am very happy with the unit. The upcoding of regular DVDs is excellent. I can really see the difference.

06/24/2008 05:22

i've notice audio and video drops on galapagos and the unit runs extremely HOT.

07/03/2008 05:43

I've had this unit for about a month now. Its my 1st BluRay purchase and I'm very happy with this unit. I've only noticed audio dropouts while watching the Rattatoulie and the latest Rambo movie only. They are hard to notice unless your looking for them.


Well, I've now noticed audio dropouts while watching Blade Runner and Untraceable as well.  This is after the first firmware upgrade released 6/30.  I'll be waiting on the Sony S350, MSRP@399.00 to see if it performs better. 

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