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The Samsung BD-P1400 is a dedicated Blu-Ray player that is part of Samsung's 3rd generation line.

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Decent upconverting abilities

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Cheapest player available

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Integrated audio decoding is useful

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Picture quality that rivals more expensive players

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Bitstreams all 4 HD Formats

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Loading Time of BD Titles relatively slow

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Has glitches that can cause stuttering in certain situations

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Bookmarking feature is useless. Pause stops itself eventually and player loses its place on the disc. Constantly have to seek where you were if you don't watch a movie uninterrupted.

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Buyer beware! US version at latest firmware level (2.0) is incompatible with certain blu-ray movies: so far, Ghostbusters, Underworld 3, and T2 Skynet edition. No firmware fix committed to by Samsung - may never be supported.(search avsforum threads for more info). I personally tried Underworld and emailed support with no answer.

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The Samsung BD-P1400 is a dedicated Blu-Ray player that is part of Samsung's 3rd generation line, and is notable since it is the cheapest stand-alone unit available. Being part of the 3rd generation of players Samsung has upgraded a few features including decoding of high definition audio. The BD-P1400 also acts as an upconverting DVD player that can output standard definition films at HD resolutions, including 1080p. An ethernet port is found on the player itself to handle firmware upgrades. For those without an Internet connection to the player, the firmware can be upgraded by downloading and burning the software to a disc to be played in the unit itself.

Spec list
  • Blu-ray playback at content native HD resolution of 1080p/1080i/720p
  • 1080p/24fps/1080p/60fps
  • Selectable DVD upconversion (720p/1080i/1080p)
  • HDMI version 1.3, component video, S-Video outputs
  • Integrated audio decoding for: Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, dts-HD
  • MPEG2, VC-1, H.264, HD JPEG decoding
  • BD/DVD/CD playback
  • Stereo and 5.1/7.1-channel audio outputs (8 channel uncompressed, 7.1 analog)
  • Ethernet port
  • Coaxial and optical digital audio outputs
  • BD Java support

Audio can be output through the digital optical port, or through the analog outputs after the player has decoded the audio itself. Integrated audio decoding is useful for people with older receivers that can't handle the modern Dolby signals that are included on Blu-Ray discs.

The BD Java technology lets the player support the more advanced interactive features found on Blu-Ray discs including games. It's unclear as to which profile this player is and whether it can handle PIP processing, though the lack of documentation indicates that PIP support is not included.

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