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The BD-P1200 is a Blu-Ray disc player from the Samsung company.

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picture looks amazing, great detail and color rendering

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tray feels sturdy and well-constructed, easy to load a disc

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DVD upconversion to 1080p looks great, adds a lot of detail and sharpness

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menu is well laid out to be easy to use, and the menus are intuitive as well

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load times for Blu-ray discs are farily speedy

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simple panel design with a small blue accent LED that isn't distracting in the dark

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incompatible with many Blu-ray discs until you do a firmware update

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The BD-P1200 is a Blu-Ray disc player from the Samsung company. Capable of playing back both Blu-Ray and standard-definition DVD disc content, this model incorporates a number of leading technologies for high-quality audio/video processing and connectivity. Display pertinent information via a sleek LED display with dimming capabilities, the player is also compatible with audio CDs for versatility within the user's home theater setup. Dolby Digital Plus audio decoding is included for high-quality playback of cinematic sound with support for channels up to 5.1 surround sound, alongside DTS decoding for tailored support of various content types. The inclusion of HDMI connectivity allows users to stream content from a compatible laptop computer or network share device, in addition to running the player in conjunction with a modern gaming console. A fully-featured remote control is also included that provides full wireless control for maximized user convenience. 

  • Gloss black aesthetic
  • Blu-Ray and DVD disc compatibility 
  • LED display
  • Dolby Digital Plus audio decoding 
  • DTS audio decoding 
  • Audio CD playback 
  • HDMI connectivity 
  • Included remote control 
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