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The Samsung BD-C7900 is a high-end Blu-ray Disc player released in mid-2010.

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Direct USB media interfacing, including video.

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Built-in wireless an Ethernet adapters (most units require a separate dongle for WiFi connectivity).

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Two HDMI outputs (fairly rare for Blu-Ray players), 3D support.

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Super slick visual aesthetic and thin build.

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Like the second HDMI output for audio only (7.1).

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Boot up and disc read times are minimal.

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Streaming HD content from Netflix tends to be very slow.

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The front panel can only be dimmed, not shut off completely.

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Heats up quite a bit when playing Blu-Ray discs.

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Program upgrades only available on line, Sony will send you a disc with them on it.

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Does not have a coax digital audio output (5.1), only optical.

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The Samsung BD-C7900 is a high-end Blu-ray Disc player released in mid-2010. This product features 3D movie capabilities, built-in internet streaming services and wireless networking support.

The BD-C7900 is Fully HD compliant at 1080p resolution, and is compatible with 3D content on Blu-ray discs. In addition to upconverting standard DVDs, USB flash drives with media files can be played back on a connected television. Supported file formats include high definition DivX, MKV and AVCHD. Modern audio codecs are fully supported as well, including DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby True-HD. The Samsung BD-C7900 is compatible with a number of internet content providers, including Netflix, Blockbuster and YouTube. Samsung’s AllShare feature allows for video/audio streaming from any DLNA/UPNP compliant device, such as a media server or mobile phone. Additional features include social networking support from Facebook, Twitter and Pandora internet radio.

  • 3D Blu-ray compatibility
  • Netflix, Blockbuster, YouTube streaming
  • Facebook, Twitter integration
  • AllShare media sharing
  • Ultra Fast Play
  • DVD upconversion
  • Dolby True HD/DTS-HD decoder
  • 2x USB 2.0 ports
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • HDMI/Component output
  • Optical digital audio output
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