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The Samsung SSG-2100ABs are a pair of 3D glasses.

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Excellent 3D performance for first-generation product

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Lightweight and comfortable for prolonged viewing; do not cause headaches

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Uses easily changeable batteries instead of ones that need to be recharged, meaning viewing is less interrupted when they die

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Low-quality plastic for price point

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Batteries need to be changed about every 50 hours (rechargeable batteries not provided)

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Very fragile, and do not come with a hard case, making them easy to break

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Uncomfortable for larger heads; can cause headaches with prolonged use

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The Samsung SSG-2100ABs are a pair of 3D glasses. These CR2025 battery-powered 3D glasses are meant to enhance your home theater viewing experience (provided that your TV has a 3D emitter). In promotion, Samsung stresses that these 3D glasses are designed specifically for adults. The SSG-2100AB shutter technology functions by blocking off first your left lens and then your right lens as soon as you look at the screen. This happens so fast your eyes will not notice that anything has happened. But when images are shown to the left and right eyes seperately, it creates a staggering effect that recreates lifelike 3D images. This splitting of images is indicative of the active (as opposed to passive) 3D glasses design, which halfs the frame rate of incoming content (to 120 frames). The Samsung SSG-2100ABs are lightweight (0.08lbs.), so that you will not get uncomfortable even during long viewings. Samsung promotes these 3D glasses as providing clear 3D imagery, free of distortion.

  • Battery-powered 
  • Shutter technology
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 6.9" x 1.6" x 6.0"
  • Weight: 0.08 lbs. 
  • Works w/ 3D emitting TVs
  • Adult design
  • 120 frame rate
  • 35% transmittance
  • CR2025 battery
  • 50 hours of operation time
  • Distortion-free 3D
  • Active design
Post Review
06/28/2011 11:10

what is the difference between this [product and the 3D ssg-s3100g. this 3D glasses is a 2011 model and with bluetooth. What is the difference between both? is the new product compatible with Samsung UN55C8000 tv.

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