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The Samsung UN40D6000 is an Internet-ready 40” LED HDTV released as a more affordable counterpart to the superior UN40D6300.

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picture is so clear and sharp it almost seems 3D at times

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low power usage while in operation, uses almost nothing while in standby

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bezel is uniform the whole way around, frames the picture well and looks nice

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very light weight design, can be shifted around easily even after setup

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sound is adequate, can understand what people are saying reasonably clearly

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no web browser

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lacks individual sound controls for bass, treble and balance

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takes a long time to get the stand attached, a bit awkward to set up

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Black bars at top and bottom of screen when watching feature films. TV's aspect ratio doesn't conform with standard widescreen format, so about 1/4 of the screen is wasted when watching movies.

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The screen is highly sensitive to smudging. Look at it too long, and your eyes might even leave a smudge mark...

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channel maintenance is clumsy and tedious - fortunately only needs to be done once (but takes a long time), unless a rescan is performed, then you get to start all over again from the beginning

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For a "smart" tv with internet connectivity, it should include a web browser! The wii even has one, albeit a crappy one (Opera), but it works.

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The Samsung UN40D6000 is an Internet-ready 40” LED HDTV released as a more affordable counterpart to the superior UN40D6300. It offer the same full high definition video capabilities, LED backlighting, and ultra-slim frame, as well as Internet connectivity. Unlike its peer, however, the UN40D6000 doesn’t include a web browser. What’s interesting though is that users can still access many browser-centric Internet services like Hulu, YouTube, and even Facebook courtesy of Samsung’s Smart TV Application system. Plus the TV includes Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) compatibility, meaning content can be streamed to the HDTV from compatible devices like desktops, laptops, tablets, and even some media players. Added to that, there’s a USB port that supports digital camcorders, which means users can just plug in their camera or camcorder and immediately access their footage. There are also speakers, but they are only 10 watts. Users with a stereo system can easily hookup their system to the HDTV.

  • 40" LED HDTV
  • Touch of Color Design w/Ultra-Slim Bezel
  • Over-the-Air HDTV Tuner
  • QAM Cable TV Tuner
  • LED Edge Backlighting
  • 5,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Radio
  • Auto Motion Plus 120Hz Technology
  • Internet Ready Smart TV
  • DLNA Video Streaming
  • Integrated Stereo Speakers
  • Anynet+ HDMI-CEC
  • Component/HDMI Video
  • PC VGA Input
  • RF Antenna/Cable
  • Optical Digital Audio
  • Standard Ethernet
  • USB 2.0
  • Detachable Swivel Stand
  • Wall Mountable
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