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The Samsung UN19D4003 is a 18.5-inch LED TV.

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720p on this size of screen looks every bit as good as 1080p would, details come out really well

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picture quality is great through all inputs, don't need HDMI for a really sharp image

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small and slim design has a minimal footprint, fits into smaller cabinets

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low price for an HDTV, good value

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colors look bright and vibrant, everything looks beautiful

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can be viewed from any angle, don't have to worry about the arrangement of the furniture

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sound is very poor, low quality and never gets very loud

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SD content looks very bad compared to HD content, no upscaling

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The Samsung UN19D4003 is a 18.5-inch LED TV.  This TV features ConnectShare, gaining viewers with the ability to plug in their USB device to share photos, music, photos and video on the screen, using the included remote to control the show.  The Samsung UN19D4003 has the Wide Color Enhancer Pro feature that improves the TV's color and light performance by analyzing pixel by pixel and stretching them to their 3-dimensional limit.  The result is an entire spectrum of color and rich detail.  The UN19D4003 is equipped with SRS TheaterSound an all-in-one home audio function that improves volume levels, vocals and corrects dimension-less sound.  The Samsung UN19D4003 is a slim, just over an inch deep design and comes with a matching stand.  The UN19D4003 exceeds Energy Star qualifications by up to 50%, reducing utility costs and reducing the consumer's carbon footprint. 

  • Internet Ready
  • Flat-Panel LED Screen
  • 720p Resolution
  • Slim and Stylish
  • Includes ConnectShare Movie
  • Wide Color Enhancer Pro for Better Visuals 
  • TheaterSound Technology 
  • Includes Stand
  • Includes Remote 
  • Includes 1-Year Warranty 
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03/01/2013 05:19

Surely there is a way to improve the sound. Any workarounds to connect to bearable external speakers?

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