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The Samsung PN63C7000 is a 63" 1080p plasma HDTV similar to the Samsung PN58C7000.

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Slim and sleek design is sure to appeal to most people

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Numerous picture and sound controls will ensure your happy with the settings

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Provides better 3D picture quality when compared to LCD televisions

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Premium streaming and App integration

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2D converts easily into 3D- picture quality is great

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Cannot properly handle 1080p/24 sources

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Less efficient when compared to LCD televisions

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The Samsung PN63C7000 is a 63" 1080p plasma HDTV similar to the Samsung PN58C7000. The only difference between the PN63C7000 and PN58C7000 is sizing: the PN63C7000 has a 63" display (measuring 58.8" x 35.8" x 1.4”) while the PN58C7000 has a 58" display (measuring 54.6" x 33.4" x 1.4”). As such, the PN63C7000's and PN58C7000's features are identical: both sport 3D display technology, 600Hz Subfield Motion and Real Black Filter technology.

The PN63C7000's included Samsung 3D Active Glasses are able to sync up with it in order to provide fully 3D media, from Blu-ray to standard television. Its 600Hz Subfield Motion technology provides the PN63C7000 with extreme image clarity as each image is flashed 600 times per second, ensuring even fast action scenes appear clear and crisp with no blurring or ghosting. Additionally, the PN63C7000's Real Black Filter technology ensures that external lighting conditions will not effect picture quality by automatically adjusting display brightness so that blacks always appear deep.


  • 63" plasma panel @ 1920x1080
  • Included Samsung 3D Active Glasses for 3D viewing
  • 600Hz Subfield Motion
  • Real Black Filter technology maintains optimal contrast
  • Web-Connected Samsung Apps for direct access to web-based media
  • Exceeds Energy Star standards
  • Connections: 4x HDMI, 2x component, 1x composite, 2x USB
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