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The PN58B860 is one of Samsung's flagship Series 8 plasma HDTVs, and has a 58" display, 3 000 000: 1 contrast ratio.

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remote is well designed, and will act as a universal remote to control multiple devices

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can be bright enough for even a sunlit room with no problem

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capable of realistic color rendition, very true to life

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black levels are very deep, don't wash out into greys and still offer a lot of detail

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colors look great out of the box, can ignore configuration if you want and still be happy

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very thin frame, can be installed right up against the wall

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refresh is extremely quick, great for sports or other fast-moving action

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noticeable buzzing typical of plasma TVs

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The PN58B860 is one of Samsung's flagship Series 8 plasma HDTVs, and has a 58" display, 3 000 000:1 contrast ratio and 1920 x 1080 resolution. It is one step up from the smaller-screen PN50B860. It has a very thin, 1.2"-deep frame with numerous inputs and colored translucent bezel. It can also access the Internet to view online content, and DLNA wireless access allows the TV to access personal media stored on other computers. The PN58B860 also has several of Samsung's high-end features, including e-panel glare reduction, an HD engine that imitates cinema quality, very high contrast ratio, and universal remote control which is compatible with other Samsung A/V equipment. The PN58B860 has numerous inputs and a native 1080p resolution. Currently, this TV is the most premium plasma TV Samsung offers.

  • Released April 2009
  • 58"-diagonal flatscreen plasma display
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Very thin 1.5"-deep frame
  • 3 000 000:1 Contrast ratio
  • 1080p
  • .001 ms response time
  • ATSC/NTSC tuner
  • Game mode processing
  • Internet access via DLNA
  • e-panel glare reduction
  • Colored translucent bezel
  • Samsung Anynet universal remote capabilities
  • Wide Color Enhancer2 selectable color enhancement settings
  • 2x 15W stereo speakers
  • Inputs: 2x USB, 2x Component RCA, 1x Composite RCA, co-axial, 4x HDMI, 15-pin D-subminiature
  • Comes with base, can be wall-mounted
  • Energy Star compliant
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Abinadi Fowler
09/15/2009 01:37

I have purchased several Plasma, and Lcd televisons over the Last few years.. Constantly upgrading... I just can't seem to stop... I was able to pick up the tv from a one day sale on amazon and hh gregg priced matched it out the door for 2349.00.. Very impressive Depth... I will tell you I also owned a 58 inch 540 for about 2 weeks.. the filter bright screen and CineSmooth are Worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 860 model only.. the picture has made the Low Bit rate Hd tv service that I have Look much cleaner... This Panel may not be for you if you don't know technology and appreciate very fine quality.. there is some buzzing however this is typical on Plasmas.. 240 hz is a joke.. Lcd's are good for picture frames.. response rate on this tv is .001 ms.. also the b series uses 40% less power than last years models.. there is also a pixel shift feature that will protect you from burn in.. Image retention is not bad either.. Unlike A couple Vizios I wasted money on... Spend the extra money.. don't buy junk.. in this case you definitely get what you pay for... Looked at Sony.. however they quit making plasmas.. Would only consider a Pioneer Elite instead of this tv.. Great deal.

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