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The Samsung PN51D530 is a 51-Inch 1080p Plasma TV.

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User interface is straightforward and easy to use - menu component is soft on the eyes and doesn't feel invasive

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600Hz image processing provides crisp, detailed imagery - ideal for live sports and action scenes throughout TV, movie and video game formats

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Excellent overall picture quality at the price point - HD imagery is clear and vivid with excellent control of brightness and contrast levels

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Vertical volume indicator is an excellent feature - provides a logical alternative to horizontal volume indicators without blocking subtitles or status bars

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Unit functions very well as a no-frills, high-quality TV - stripped-down feature set (minimal connectivity/adjustment options) is tailored to simple "plug-and-play"-style viewing

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Automatic volume-levelling feature is fairly disappointing - provides little to no audible difference in audio level when switching from program to commercial

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Internal speakers are underwhelming - severely lacking in bass presence with harsh, "tinny" overtones

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Online details listed by the manufacturer are somewhat false - only 1 USB port, 1 component video input and no PC/stereo mini jack

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The Samsung PN51D530 is a 51-Inch 1080p Plasma TV.  The Samsung PN51D530 features the high contrast ratios that plasma TVs are known for, allowing saturated colors and wide viewing angles so that viewing from any angle in the room provides a great visual experience.  Image clarity is boosted with Samsung's Crystal Full HD Chip.  This technology expands performance, taking picture quality and image integrity to new levels of excellence.  The Samsung PN51D530's 600Hz Subfield HD Motion and Ultra-Fast Response Time allows pictures to be displayed with clarity and precision even during fast paced scenes.  The Samsung PN51D530's Plus One design sets this TV apart by offering a bigger picture and a narrower outer frame, for an extra inch of screen when compared to similar models.  The sound is provided by advanced SRS TheaterSound Technology, equipping the TV with the ability to control inconsistent volume levels, vocals and sound.  ConnectShare allows users to connect digital devices to share movies, pictures and videos using the included remote.  The Samsung PN51D530 is Energy Star compliant and includes a stand and remote control. 

  • Wide Viewing Angles 
  • Vivid Colors
  • Crystal Full HD Chip for Improved Image Clarity
  • Subfield HD Motion 
  • Ultra-Fast Response Time
  • Plus One Design
  • Wide Viewing Angles 
  • SRS TheaterSound Technology 
  • ConnectShare
  • Energy Star Compliant
  • Includes Remote and Stand 
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02/16/2012 12:34

I bought this TV over 3 months back at a great price. Had a 65 mitsubishi that was a good performer but this plasma's picture is much richer and the wide viewing angle without degradation is impressive. The contrast in the black/greys is outstanding and I feel real good about this selection, even though I could have gone bigger.

Sound is not an issue since it is piped through a sound system with DYNACO A-35 speakers.

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