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Samsung's PN50C450 is a flatscreen plasma display from the 2010 lineup of entry-level 720p units.

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Excellent value for the feature set - picture quality, connectivity and energy saving capabilities exceed those of competitors from Panasonic and LG

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Anti-burn scrolling feature significantly reduces screen damage - closely monitors contrast and brightness levels during first hours of use

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Little to no audible operations buzz - very rare attribute amongst plasma-screen televisions

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Setup constructions are clear and concise - includes details on how to properly remove the TV from the storage box to minimize risk of initial damage

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Stock picture settings are excellent - image is clear and vivid with minimal edge blurring

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Glossy finish is very reflective - even faint light sources may cause drastic blurring/reflection

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Mounting bracket screws are very difficult to attach - some users may strip guides and potential ruin the stand due to excessive force

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  Samsung's PN50C450 is a flatscreen plasma display from the 2010 lineup of entry-level 720p units. It has a 50" screen and is almost identical to the model below it, the PN50C430, with the only differences being that this one does not have a USB port, while it does have an additional HDMI port as well as a PC DSub connection. Other than these, the specifications are the same. These include a clear, glare-reducing coating that enhances contrast and black aspects of the image, an automatic light sensor that adjusts brightness to save energy based on room conditions, and built-in stereo speakers. It also uses the 600Hz subfield motion image blur reduction to make moving images more smooth. This model is slightly more expensive than the PN42C430.


  • 50" flat-panel plasma display
  • 720p HD
  • Glare-reducing front panel
  • 2 000 000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • 2x 10W stereo speakers
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
  • 600Hz subfield motion blur reduction
  • 0.001 ms response time
  • Ports: 3xHDMI, 2xComponent, 1xComposite AV, 1x DSub 1xUSB for service only
  • Anynet+ connection with other Samsung devices

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