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The Samsung PN42B430 is a lower-mid-range 42" widescreen plasma HDTV.

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all the pros of plasma - better blacks than LCD, cheaper than LCD for the same size, great colour and contrast, fast refresh

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affordable price for a large screen TV

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not full high definition - 720p only

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all the cons of plasma - higher energy consumption, image retention (burn-in), higher glare, dimmer appearing than LCD in a well lit room

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The Samsung PN42B430 is a lower-mid-range 42" widescreen plasma HDTV. It has a lower price point than Samsung's other similar plasma TVs because it has a native resolution of 720p and a contrast ratio of 2 000 000:1 as opposed to 3 million, and also because it has fewer inputs. It has Samsung's e-panel glare reduction feature, as well as the Anynet universal remote simulation, as long as other A/V products are Samsung and Anynet compatible. It has a 0.001 ms pixel response time and built-in ATSC digital tuner, and it is also 40% more efficient than previous models. The PN42B430 also has Samsung's game mode, which is suppose to enhance image processing output for video game use. Audio output is in the form of two 10W stereo speakers.

  • Released April 2009
  • 58"-diagonal flatscreen plasma display
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • 2 000 000:1 Contrast ratio
  • 720p
  • .001 ms response time
  • ATSC/NTSC tuner
  • Game mode faster image processing
  • e-panel glare reduction
  • Samsung Anynet universal remote capabilities
  • 2x 10W stereo speakers, with SRS TruSurround
  • Inputs: 2x Component RCA, 1x Composite RCA, co-axial, 2x HDMI
  • Comes with base, can be wall-mounted
  • Energy Star compliant
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Brendan Connelly
11/29/2009 10:59

Amazing television. Unless you sit less than 5 feet from the TV, you will be unable to differentiate it from 1080p. Blu Ray looks unreal.



02/03/2011 05:06

The tv does not support 1080p, thus bluray is pointless.

04/16/2010 06:44

We just received one of these in replacement for a TV a friend broke playing Wii. Its much nicer than the old set but I am no TV expert so I can't say if this is a fantastic TV or not - I can only comment on whether it meets my personal needs.

. Its big! The resolution on high def is great and I cannot imagine anything more crisp. And true to its plasma nature, the blacks are nice and rich

. The stand has a built-in swivel for ease of screen-rotation. This is very handy for us as we used to manhandle the old CRT TV into position for better kitchen or living room viewing, depending.

. The screen itself is low-glare, as stated in the description.

. The speaker system is far superior to old tv stereo speakers, giving sounds more depth. Kind of a step toward surround sound without the "surround". ;)

. There's only one yellow-white-red AV input on this tv so if you have multiple gadgets that need that sort of input (I had three: the DVD player, the Wii, and the XBox) you'll have to swap them around or buy a switching hub. However, there are two sets of high def AV inputs (Red, Green, Blue, Red White) so both the Wii and the XBox can use those with proper cables.

. The menu for swapping around aspect ratios is a bit burried, which is obnoxious but its really easy to swap inputs, which is a plus since I do that more often. Incorrect: There's a button right on the remote that allows you to quickly flip through the various screen ratios: 16:9, Zoom 1, Zoom 2, and 4:3.

Overall I really like this television. Games look fantastic in HD on it and the sound, while not surround sound, is pretty deep for it all coming from 'one spot' in the room.


Edit to add after 5 months: We've since added a larger LCD tv to our household and though it is brighter it also looks  washed out. I find that our plasma is much sharper, has better contrast, and is plenty bright enough for our house (which really doesn't have many windows).  I also wanted to mention that I think the viewing angle is pretty great, much better than a lot of TVs I've seen. Coupled with the ease of navigating the menus, I'm super happy with this TV.

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