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The 2009 Plasma 6 Series is Samsung's update to their high-end line of Plasma displays that offer a 1080p resolution.

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Touch of Color design incorporated into the clear beveled edged glass exudes sophistication and class

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able to decode media formats directly from the network or USB storage

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more energy efficient than previous generation

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large sizes

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no size under 50"

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Poor glare performance

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The 2009 Plasma 6 Series is Samsung's update to their high-end line of Plasma displays that offer a 1080p resolution alongside extra features such as expanded Internet connectivity. As the successor to the 2008 Series 6 Plasmas, the 2009 models upgrade the Internet capabilities to the full Samsung Internet@TV with video streaming and Yahoo widgets, and uses a different filter that Samsung claims has a better ability to reduce glare. Furthermore, for both the updated 6 Series, and the new for 2009 flagship 8 Series, Samsung has made both lines more energy efficient to match the EPA's Energy Star 3.0 standards. What the step-up flagship 8 Series adds to this line is a much thinner cabinet design that is 1.1" thick.

  • native resolution of 1080p
  • Energy Star 3.0 compliant
  • Inputs: 4xHDMI, USB, Ethernet
  • Internet@TV
  • USB Media format support
    • video: 3GPP, MKV, WMV9 and DivX
    • audio: MP3
    • photo: jpeg
Plasma Series 6 and 8 Features

Internet@TV - expanding upon the 2008 InfoLink service Samsung's Internet@TV offers full Internet connectivity with richer Yahoo Internet widgets for sports, news and weather information, alongside Internet video streaming. The list of video streaming partners includes Amazon and YouTube and is expected to change/expand over time.

Digital Media Support - these TVs can stream digital media from the network, or from a USB device attached directly to the set. For 2008 all the TVs can handle audio, video and photos while last year video support was limited to only the flagship lines. Furthermore, the video format support is increased in 2009 to add popular formats such as MKV, and WMV9. This means that most video found on the Internet will work.


The naming convention for the 2009 Samsung 6 Series: Samsung PNxxB650 where the "xx" is replaced by the television's size. The 2009 models can be distinguished from their 2008 counterparts by the letter that appears before the "650". 2008 is "A", while 2009 is "B".

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