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This 2009 line continues the 7 Series brand introduced in 2008.

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Great picture quality--nice, vivid colours; very deep blacks for an LCD.

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for $300 more than the 650 series, you get a 240hz processor, 50,000 more contrast ratio, and cut the response time in half. worth it!!

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Elegant, understated design that is remarkably thin for an LCD at about 3" deep.

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240Hz looks great, really enhances gaming and sports.

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USB media playback supports a good variety of media types, most notably MKV.

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Large variety of picture settings allow for minute picture customization.

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No real discernible difference between 240Hz and 120Hz.

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Sits a bit wobbly on the stand when screwed in.

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Could get a decent LED Samsung TV with similar specs for this price point.

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no LED backlight with local dimming

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Also known as the 750 Series, the 7 Series line of televisions represents Samsung's highest end LCD HDTVs that use regular CCFL backlighting solution as opposed to the newer LED backlights. This 2009 line continues the 7 Series brand introduced in 2008, and upgrades the sets to contain the top of the line features of 2009 which includes a 1080p native resolution, 240Hz motion compensation technology, deep Internet connectivity and expanded digital media format support. For more information refer to the full Samsung 7 Series (2009) report.


  • native resolution of 1080p
  • Auto Motion Plus 240Hz
  • CCFL backlighting
    • Energy Star 3.0 compliant
  • Inputs: 4xHDMI, USB, Ethernet
  • Internet@TV
  • USB Media format support
    • video: 3GPP, MKV, WMV9 and DivX
    • audio: MP3
    • photo: jpeg
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