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They are part of Samsung's 2008 line of sets and are their entry level offering for 1080p native resolution.

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Excellent display

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Superb clarity, the upconversion is great, even with VGA

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Light and ready to use out of the box

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USB slot for pictures

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Picture control navigation is very confusing, not at all intuitive

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USB could have been used for video but they didnt enable it

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no screen saver (could switch to usb pics after a certain amount of time..would have been cool to have)

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Wall-mounting makes rear inputs unusable

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PIP works only in some quirky modes

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Mounting is almost impossible without custom-made brackets.

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Unavailable features are hard to troubleshoot.

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Remote unnecessarily long

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No PIP button on remote

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Samsung does not use genuine Samsung panels in their TV's below the 600 series. Getting a quality Samsung panel is a crap shoot and noticable.

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Lots of inputs, no need to use A/V receivers (many dont pass HMDI audio)

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Tinny audio speakers

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The 5 series of LCD televisions are part of Samsung's 2008 line of sets and are their entry level offering for 1080p native resolution. More information found on the Samsung 5 Series report.

  • 46" screen
  • 1080p native resolution
  • 30,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • 5ms response time
  • Inputs: 3xHDMI 1.3, 2xComponent, 2xComposite, 1xS-Video, 1xVGA
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09/04/2008 04:41

This TV has a beautiful clear display when used with HD input and the contrast ratio blows the Aquos (which I originally was going to purchase) out of the water. The side-by-side was what made me switch my mind. If you buy this system however, plan on buying a sound system too since the built-in speakers that come with this model are worse than any I've heard on other LCD panels. The menu system is fairly easy to navigate but using some of the disabled features becomes a mystery as there is no indication as to why some features are not selectable.
The TV is nice and light and can be immediately set up on a table when you get it home since the stand comes attached out of the box. If you plan on mounting it to the wall or to a mounting table, you're in for some heart-ache. The screw holes for the mounting brackets are positioned on either side of the input panel on the back making most of the rear inputs virtually unusable. After medling with the system for a couple of hours, I ended up mounting the TV and using the side inputs.
I stand by my purchase as this TV has a beautiful display but the usability and physical design where mounting is concerned leaves much to be desired.

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