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The Samsung LN-T4671F is a 46" LCD based television with a native resolution of 1080p.

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Excellent brightness capability

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Deep blacks for an LCD

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Vivid colors

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120Hz AutoMotion Plus frame interpolation can reduce motion blur

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Speakers are surprisingly good (for built-in TV speakers)

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Very tweakable picture

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120Hz panel refresh allows even 24fps display (using 5:5 pull-down)

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120Hz AutoMotion Plus makes movies look like soap operas (inherent flaw with any frame interpolation)

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120Hz AutoMotion Plus can cause artifacts and stuttering (algorithm/processor bugs)

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Glossy display can cause distracting reflections in bright rooms

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The Samsung LN-T4671F is a 46" LCD based television with a native resolution of 1080p. This set is part of the 71F series of televisions, part of Samsung's 2007 lineup which include the 61F series, 65F series, 69F series, and 81F series. The 71Fs are positioned near the high end falling between the 81F and 69F series in price and features. Just like all of Samsung's 2007 line of televisions this set uses the CCFL (Cold Cathod Flourescent Light) technology that the manufacturer claims produces a more accurate color output. With  the 71F series, Samsung adds a glass cover over the front of the unit for increased color depth and a higher contrast ratio. The other notable upgrade is the inclusion of the 120Hz for fast motion video, sports and games.

Spec list
  • Full HD 1080p pixel resolution
  • 120Hz mode
  • 10 bit processing
  • 25,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • 8ms response time
  • Inputs: 3 x HDMI, 2 x Component, 1 x VGA, 2 x Composite, 2 x S-Video, 2 x RF

While the glossy screen has the effect of increasing perceived color depth and contrast ratio, there are problems with reflections. If you're viewing the screen head-on the issue is minimized, however in a well lit room and viewing the tv from the sides can have glare show up in the picture.

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