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The 9 series will - unlike the B6000, B7000 and B8000 – feature a LED backlight with local dimming.

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LED Backlit with local dimming

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Wireless audio/video

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attractive bezel and stand

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Model not out yet so can't determine how reflective the screen is

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too hight reflection screen

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The 9 series will - unlike the B6000, B7000 and B8000 – feature a LED backlight with local dimming. The lower TV series utilize a LED backlight with LEDs placed on the sides of the LCD panel; in popular terms Edge LED. Local dimming ensures much higher contrast because the LEDs are placed in zones and controlled locally.

Samsung says that the 9 series will also become a member of the Samsung “Touch of Colour” line although the design has not yet been officially revealed.

Another interesting feature on the 9 LCD-series is a wireless connection from an external media box, just like on Sony's ZX1. The wireless connection is created from an external media box that transmits the signal wirelessly to Samsung TV. The wireless media box also ensures that the TV can be as slim - or perhaps even slimmer - as the 6, 7 and 8 series, even though the 9 series will feature local dimming, which requires LEDs to be placed behind the panel instead of on the sides.

In addition, B9000 series will feature the Medi@2.0, with a Internet function that allows users to access such services as YouTube and Yahoo Widgets. Medi@2.0 also has a built-in USB port that can handle music, pictures and video. Finally you can stream music, movies and pictures from other PCs in your home on a wireless network with the DLNA functionality in the Samsung 9 series. All models in the 9 series will have built-in DVB-T and DVB-C tuners with MPEG4 support.

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04/27/2009 08:38

High glare/reflection screen is a much worse distraction than slightly worse black level.
Anyway this TV is really promissing!

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