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The Samsung 750 series, also known as the 7 series is positioned above the 650 series.

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4 HDMI ports

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Added ethernet connectivity

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Top in class picture quality

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Series 7 is better than series 6

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stream audio content

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Stream video content

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Access news, stock, weather wirelessly

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2 HD pics using PIP

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stream pictures

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After calibration the TV comes perfectly inline with 6500k color temp

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LED backlight... Next Gen as it were.

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Extra features aren't worth the extra price over the 6 series

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As with all new tech.. a tad pricey

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"Halo" effect, where the bezel gets lit up by the screen, can be distracting

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The Samsung 750 series, also known as the 7 series is positioned above the 650 series, which are also considered part of the high-end sets, with many similarities between the two. As expected from a high-end 2008 LCD the 750 series features a native resolution of 1080p, a 120Hz mode. Alongside these standards is the addition of an Ethernet port for accessing real-time content like weather, stocks and news, and a USB port for accessing pictures and video from connected storage devices.  Importantly, the 7 series has a subwoofer and much better sound than both 6-series and 8-series televisions.  While the 6 series has a USB port, the 6 series is limited to images/sound while the 7 series televisions can display video from both the USB port and through the ethernet port.

  • 1080p native resolution
  • 15,000:1 contrast ratio
  • 16-bit processor
  • 120Hz mode
  • USB port for accessing digital content
  • Ethernet port for RSS, news, weather and stocks
  • 1GB of internal memory
  • Inputs: 4xHDMI 1.3, Component, Composite
750 series specific features

DLNA Support - Stream video, image, and music content over your home network. The TV has support for a wide variety of CODECs including DivX and XVid, and can support hi-def resolutions.

USB Port - The USB port lets you connect storage devices such as portable hard drives, or thumb drives and access the content within. Details aren't currently available but most like the TV can read content stores on devices that act as a USB Mass Storage (UMS) device.

1GB of Internal Memory - It's unknown whether or not you will be able to overwrite the content stored on this internal memory. Samsung reports that it will come preloaded with "premium" content such as HD art, recipes and children's stories.

Integrated woofer - for an enhanced audio experience (10W x 2, like the 650 model.)

750 and 650 features

"Touch of Color" - in a break away from the traditional black or really black choices that most televisions offer Samsung is introducing a little bit of color to these sets. During the manufacturing process the bevel has some color applied to it, with auburn being the initial option and more colors expected over time.

Ethernet port - the included ethernet port will allow you to access RSS feeds and other real time content to display sports information, news, stocks and weather. It's currently unknown whether other forms of content such as full Internet access will be available in the future.

4 HDMI ports - the lower level series feature 3 HDMI ports, with the high-end models adding an extra HDMI port for more expandability. All HDMI ports are version 1.3.

Common to all 2008 Samsungs

Anti-glare screen - first introduced in the Samsung's 71F series of television released in 2007, Samsung claims they have improved the glossy anti-glare screen to reduce glare and reduce reflections.

3D support - the televisions can accept and properly display 3D content. If you have the proper glasses and source conent the TV will handle 3D images.

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11/30/2008 12:33

The description says the contrast ratio is 15,000 to 1 when it is actually 50,000 to 1, so thats wrong.

06/21/2008 11:26

I have witnessed this set in a local brick and mortar store, and just want to say that it really does blow everything else on the wall display into oblivion. Was originally looking at an XBR4 or a Z4100, but this Samsung LN46A750 really does live up to being the best bang for the buck bar none. Don't buy a Sony just because it's a Sony, Samsung is the actual manufacturer for them, so if you go right to the source, you won't go wrong, imo.

Also, I don't think that we have any Z4100 Bravias to compare against the A750, so it's definitely a one-sided affair, unless we see one on a store display somewhere.  Until then, seems like this pretty much may seal the deal.

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