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It is one of the high-end offerings part of Samsung's 2008 LCD line up.

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120 Hz refresh rate and 4 ms response time

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4 HDMI inputs

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Great black levels

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Ethernet port for RSS and weather

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10 bit processing

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Excellent motion handling

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10 bit panel

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Ultra-Clear Panel Screen

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Better picture and value than Sony equivalent.

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Do you like Entertainment modes

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Doesn't have an LED backlight.

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Ugly remote control

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Picture-in-Picture support only for analog signals

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Can't turn off the Auto-Motion Plus (AMP) feature

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Sometimes the TV will randomly shut off for no reason

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Red tinted bezel can be distracting

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Super-reflective surface leads to glare

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Component input has noticeable lag (bad for games)

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The Samsung 650 series, also known as the 6 Series or Series 6, is one of the high-end offerings part of Samsung's 2008 LCD line up. It is positioned above the 550 series and below the top-of-the-line 750 series. The 650 series has similar features and specifications to the 750 series, as the most significant upgrade is the ability to stream some video formats from your computer and subwoofer found on the 750. Upgrading from the 550 series, the 650 series adds an Ethernet port for downloading Internet content, and a 120Hz mode for smooth display performance of video containing fast motion. The 6 series is considered the successor to the Samsung 71F series, released in 2007, that features a similar glossy panel, and 120Hz mode.

Noticed that there is a con saying you can't do picture in picture with 2 digital pictures, you can. You can view your typical digital HD signal from cable, satelite or other device using your HDMI connection and you can view the HD feed from your antennae also at the same time, so you can have 2 hd pictures at once, the antennae HD picture will be the secondary picture while the main picture will be your satelite or cable box.

  • 1080p native resolution
  • 50,000:1 contrast ratio
  • 120Hz mode
  • 4ms response time
  • Ethernet port for RSS, news, weather and stocks
  • Inputs: 4xHDMI 1.3, Component, Composite
750 and 650 features

Ethernet port - the included ethernet port will allow you to access RSS feeds and other real time content to display sports information, news, stocks and weather. It's currently unknown whether other forms of content such as full Internet access will be available in the future.

4 HDMI ports - the lower level series feature 3 HDMI ports, with the high-end models adding an extra HDMI port for more expandability. All HDMI ports are version 1.3.

Common to all 2008 Samsung

Anti-glare screen - first introduced in the Samsung's 71F series of television released in 2007, Samsung claims they have improved the glossy anti-glare screen to reduce glare and reduce reflections.

3D support - the televisions can accept and properly display 3D content. If you have the proper glasses and source conent the TV will handle 3D images.

Upgrades over 71F series

Upgrades have been made to the internal circuitry to reduce power consumption and improve image quality. The new backlight system runs at twice the frequency which reduces the amount of flicker perceived. Samsung has also reworked the Auto-Motion Plus (AMP) feature to reduce what is known as the Triple-Ball-Effect (TBE) where fast moving items in an image will appear three times. AMP settings have also been made more flexible as they can be adjusted independent of the 'display mode' chosen.


The naming convention for the 6 series models: Samsung LNxxA650T. Where the "xx" is replaced by the size of the set.

The 630 Series has all the same features as the regular 650s except they have a non-glossy matte screen, and 3 HDMI ports rather than 4.

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12/31/2008 11:26

seen this tv in use at the store, great picture and quality

11/07/2008 07:51

Sucks that the RSS and weather reports are only available to customers in the US...

09/01/2008 11:16

very nice lcd technology, led lcd

05/07/2008 02:29

The "random" shutoff problem is a known issue and is corrected by a firmware patch available from Samsung. Just load the file on a USB thumb drive, plug it into one of the 2 USB ports on the TV and load the update to correct this issue.

Download firmware file and instructions here:

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