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The 5 series of LCD televisions are part of Samsung's 2008 line of sets.

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High contrast ratio

13 agree

Good black levels

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1080p native resolution

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Glossy screen, but not as reflective as 71F series

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Great for gaming

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Screen isn't too reflective

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Good price balance of features for most people

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Glossy bevel can be distracting

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Poor built-in speakers

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Only 3 HDMI inputs

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Doesn't have the same 'super-clear' screen as the 6 and 7 series

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USB port only displays pictures and firmware updates. Video support would of been great!

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No 120Hz display mode

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The 5 series of LCD televisions are part of Samsung's 2008 line of sets. The 5 series are the least expensive of the line that feature a 1080p native resolution. Above the 5 series is the 6 series line that adds 120Hz mode, and an ethernet connection. What the 5 and 6 series share in common are the 3D content support, and integrated USB port. The 5 series does use an anti-glare screen, however it's not the same "clear view" panel used in the higher end 6 and 7 series.

  • 1080p native resolution
  • 30,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • 5ms response time
  • Built-in HD Tuner
  • Inputs: 3xHDMI 1.3, 2xComponent, 2xComposite, 1xS-Video, 1xVGA
550 features

USB port - view digital media content such as pictures and audio that are stored on USB mass storage devices without the need of a computer.

3 HDMI ports - the lower level series feature 3 HDMI ports, with the high-end models adding an extra HDMI port for more expandability. All HDMI ports are version 1.3.

Common to all 2008 Samsung plasmas

Anti-glare screen - first introduced in the Samsung's 71F series of television released in 2007, Samsung claims they have improved the glossy anti-glare screen to reduce glare and reduce reflections.

3D support - the televisions can accept and properly display 3D content. If you have the proper glasses and source conent the TV will handle 3D images.


The 5 Series has the following naming convention: Samsung LNxxA550P. Where XX is replaced by the size of the television.

The 530 models which follow the Samsung LNxxA530 naming convention are exactly the same as the 550 models but use a non-glossy matte screen

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Ray Beaty
01/19/2012 07:32

Can this tv support PCM sound?

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