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The T23A350 is a high-definition monitor from the Samsung company.

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Includes all necessary cable components - DVRs, set-top cable boxes and stereo audio systems can be immediately configured

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Edge-lit LED backlighting provides excellent overall picture quality - screen is full and "warm" with little to no shading inconsistencies throughout

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Excellent performance in terms of clarity, sharpness and color balance - on par with higher-priced units from Viewsonic, Gateway and HP

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Automatic channel configuration is easy to use - quickly and thoroughly locates all compatible channels within a local provider area

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Initial setup is very easy - experienced users will likely not have to access the instruction manual due to familiar cabling design

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Users may encounter picture quality issues when using the product as a dedicated monitor - some users report washed-out color reproduction and significant pixelation

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Included stand cannot be adjusted in either vertical direction - users must rely on "MagicAngle" virtual viewing angle adjustment

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The T23A350 is a high-definition monitor from the Samsung company. Featuring an ultra-slim design with a reduced footprint for versatile placement, this model is fitted with a 23-inch widescreen LED display for sharp detailing and vivid color reproduction. Full picture-in-picture capabilities enable full multitask support, allowing users to watch a TV program, browse the internet and run a word processor at the same time. Two HDMI ports are included for converting the monitor into a fully-functional entertainment hub, receiving full 1080p HD signals from gaming consoles, DVD and Blu-Ray disc players, set-top boxes, network storage devices and more. Additional content support is offered via the ConnectShare USB media player, a software interface component that enables users to quickly browse and play back media from a flash or external hard drive. Viewing angle can be adjusted 10 steps in either vertical direction with the monitor's MagicAngle feature for excellent picture clarity whether the user is sitting close at a computer desk or further away on a couch or chair. In addition, the base of the T23A350 features a hook mechanism that can be used to guide and control cable slack, helping to manage connectivity types for reduced tangling and a tidier workspace.  

  • Matte black aesthetic
  • 23-inch widescreen LED display 
  • Ultra-slim design
  • Picture-in-picture capability 
  • HDMI connectivity 
  • Mega Infinity dynamic contrast ratio
  • MagicAngle tilt control
  • "Touch of Color" finish
  • Cable management system 
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