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The Samsung SyncMaster P2450H is a 24" widescreen LCD monitor from Samsung's Premium Series.

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Attractive exterior and slim design

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Good for basic uses

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Simple to use on screen menus and settings

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Inaccurate colours and high black level

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Uses TN panels in their "premium" series, results in poor viewing angles

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Annoying to use touch sensitive buttons

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Better options available at a similar price

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The Samsung SyncMaster P2450H is a 24" widescreen LCD monitor from Samsung's Premium Series.  The monitor is an upgrade in size to the P2250 and like the P2250 it features a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.  It also offers a 2ms response time for blur-free motion images and has a dynamic contrast ratio of 70,000:1 to produce deeper blacks and brighter whites.  The Samsung SyncMaster P2450H features DVI-D and D-Sub connectivity and differs with the P2250 since it also offers HDMI connectivity which the P2250 lacks.  It is targeted to home users and is designed with a high gloss black bezel and Samsung's Touch of Color gradation in Rose Black.  It includes touch-sensitive LED controls on the bottom of the bezel for adjusting the screen settings.  The Samsung SyncMaster P2450H is TCO Display 5.0 certified and comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

  • 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor
  • 2ms Response Time
  • 70,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • 300cd Brightness
  • 1920 x 1080 Native Resolution
  • Touch Sensitive Control Buttons
  • MagicBright 3 Technology
  • ColorEffect Feature
  • TCO Display 5.0 Certified
  • DVI-D, HDMI & DSUB Connectivity
  • Rose Black Touch of Color Gradation
  • High Glossy Black Bezel
  • 3 year limited warranty
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