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The Samsung SyncMaster BX2350 is one of two LED backlit, 1080p monitors (BX2335, BX2350) released in summer 2010.

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Thin, ultra contemporary design is very appealing

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industry standard 3-year warranty

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full 1080p resolution

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connections stick outward making them easy to find and connect

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two digital inputs (2 x HDMI) with an included adapter for a DVI connection (standard for most computer digital outputs)

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Can be viewed on several angles- accurate color depiction

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Accurate color reproduction

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connections stick outward - making the monitor take up more space, less visually appealing

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The touch sensors can be annoying and pressed accidentally

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"Magic Mode" seems to be more marketing than substance, hard to tell the difference between modes

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poor ergonomics - stand lacks height adjustment, swiveling or portrait mode

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TN panel - cheap to produce / buy at the expense of viewing angles, colour quality

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The Samsung SyncMaster BX2350 is one of two LED backlit, 1080p monitors (BX2335, BX2350) released in summer 2010. As an improvement over its predecessor, the BX2350 trades in DVI-I connectivity in favor of D-Sub and HDMI. Plus it incorporates a Magic Eco Return function that allows a user running dual monitors to switch one off and have the content automatically switch over to the remaining display. Otherwise, it remains the same as it too features eco-friendly LED backlight technology coupled with Samsung’s Touch of Color (ToC) technology and a full 1080p high-definition resolution with a 2ms response time and 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

  • LED Backlit Monitor
  • Touch of Color Design
  • Full 1080p HD Resolution
  • Fast Response Time
  • High Contrast Ratio
  • Magic-Eco Function
  • Magic-Angle Technology
  • Magic Bright Optimization
  • Magic Eco Return Function
  • D-Sub/HDMI Connectivity
  • Size: 23”
  • Dynamic Contrast: 5M:1
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Response: 2ms
  • Angles: 170/160
  • Connector: D-Sub, HDMI
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