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The Samsung Syncmaster 940UX is a 19" LCD flat-panel computer monitor.

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Includes 2 x USB 2.0 ports to use as a hub

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First monitor that can connect via USB

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Also includes VGA and DVI

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Sharp display with vivid colors

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Doesn't require a video adapter on your computer

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Connect up to 6 displays to a single computer using a single USB 2.0 port

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Easy USB setup with snappy performance

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Seems to have conflicts with Itunes/Quicktime and also MS activesync. 3 x 940ux on IBM X60 Thinkpad

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USB doesn't support 3D acceleration - no gaming, Windows Aero support for Vista

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Some of the burden of displaying video over USB is done by the CPU

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The Samsung Syncmaster 940UX is a 19" LCD flat-panel computer monitor. It is the first monitor that can connect to your PC over USB without the need of a video card. While supporting DVI and VGA inputs, the 940UX has a USB 2.0 port that accepts video; this technology allows you to connect up to six 940UX monitors to a single computer without the need for any special video hardware.


  • 19" viewable area
  • pixel pitch: 0.294 mm
  • brightness: 300 cd/m2
  • contrast ratio: 1000:1 (DC 2000:1)
  • viewing angle: 160 degrees vertical and horizontal
  • response time: 5ms
  • inputs: 15pin D-sub, DVI-D, USB
  • power consumption: 42 Watts Max (on mode), < 5 Watt (DPMS mode)

The burden of displaying video when using the USB interface is done by a DisplayLink video processor located in the monitor itself. This technology works in a similar way as the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). In USB mode, the 940UX is limited in that it can't display any graphics requiring 3D acceleration, so it cannot be used for gaming with the USB connection.

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09/07/2007 12:28

It's a shame that there are driver issues, one of the great things about monitors is that they just work. Plug in the VGA/DVI cable and you're good. Having problems with specific apps is just weird, but overall the technology is pretty cool.

09/07/2007 06:53

Consider a laptop user... with only 1 external VGA... now add the option of 2 USB monitors and now you have 3 panels side by side...NICE...

Now there are some issues cropping up - seems not to like Itunes / Quictime running, and also has major issues with Dell X51V PDA connected.

Usiing the latest drivers from Samsung ... and seems to be no way to get back to the original ones.

08/27/2007 04:16

It might not seem obvious why you'd actually want this monitor considering how cheap a video card is. Once you start thinking of getting 3 or more monitors, the savings start adding up. It's a simple way to set up a multi-display environment. Who needs 3D anyway? (sorry, gamers)

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