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The Samsung Syncmaster 245B is a 24-inch widescreen LCD computer monitor with a native resolution of 1920 x 1200.

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4xUSB 2.0 ports are highly beneficial - likely to accommodate most users without having to purchase an external connectivity hub

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Picture is crisp, clean and bright - far superior to competitors from Gateway and Samsung

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Off-angle coloration issues are minimal - hues remain true at all directions, especially helpful for users running dual-monitor setups

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Ideal for graphic design/photo and video editing - high refresh rate promotes realistic color rendering and is conducive to extended use

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Hard button controls provide firm, responsive adjustment - more reliable than common touch/heat-sensitive panel controls

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178-degree viewing angle provides maximum visibility - display edges are not blurry or under-saturated

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Monitor may emit a slight medium-pitched buzz - likely to annoy some users, especially those planning to use the display for work purposes

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Seemingly prone to backlight failure upon excessive use - screen will experience lighting inconsistencies before going completely dark

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The Samsung Syncmaster 245B is a 24-inch widescreen LCD computer monitor with a native resolution of 1920 x 1200 at a 16:10 aspect ratio. This display features a dynamic response time of 3000:1 and a static response time of 1000:1. In addition to this, a 5 ms (GTG) response time makes it a functional monitor for office, home, and entertainment use. Its base allows the user to adjust the monitor’s height, swivel and tilt, comes with the Samsung Soundbar, and accepts both VGA and DVI-D inputs. Released November 2007, the Syncmaster 245B retails at $475.

  • Display Size: 24” Widescreen
  • Native Resolution: 1920x1200
  • Response Rate: 5 ms
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
  • Static Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
  • Inputs: VGA, DVI-D 160°
  • Horizontal / 160° Vertical Viewing angle
  • Comes with Soundbar
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