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The S27A350H is a high-definition monitor from the Samsung company.

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Excellent contrast ratio - screen is bright, with vibrant color production and bold black levels

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Software peripheral offers intuitive customization options - users can easily access keyboard control of monitor settings for added simplicity

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2-milisecond refresh rate performs very well - little to no blurriness amongst fast-paced content like action movies and live sports events

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"Touch of Color" bezel is sleek and elegant - provides a subtle Licorice Red border behind the unit's clear plastic enclosure

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Initial setup is very simple - calibration CD and dedicated auto-adjust button provide excellent settings in a matter of minutes

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Cannot be finely adjusted via tilting mechanism - may cause frustration amongst users without a direct line-of-sight to the monitor

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Not Wall Mountable

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Text-heavy content may appear somewhat fuzzy - much more suited to gaming applications than business/word processing ones

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The S27A350H is a high-definition monitor from the Samsung company. Featuring a sleek, ultra-slim design with Rose Black "Touch of Color" detailing, this model includes a 27-inch widescreen LED display for full 1080p HD playback. Operating in a way that conserves energy up to 40% more than similar LCD models, the monitor maintains a highly-efficient design maintains cool operations temperatures even after extensive daily use. HDMI connectivity enables seamless integration of many other HD devices, including DVD and Blu-Ray disc players, gaming consoles, cable boxes and more. MagicAngle tilt technology helps to provide the best possible viewing angle across a variety of applications ranging from desktop computer uses to distanced viewing from a chair or couch, offering 10 steps of adjustment in each vertical direction. Fast-paced video content is made clear via a 2-milisecond response time, implemented to reduce blurring and graininess throughout action scenes and live sports content types. Users making multiple connections to the unit can benefit considerably from a hook mechanism fixed to the base component, allowing cables to be routed in a logical, mess-free manner. In addition, the S27A350H has been certified EPEAT Gold for its materials, construction style and low energy output. 

  • Rose Black "Touch of Color" finish 
  • 27-inch widescreen LED display 
  • Ultra-slim design 
  • Mega Infinity dynamic contrast ratio
  • HDMI connectivity 
  • MagicAngle viewing angle system
  • Energy efficient design 
  • Cable organization system 
  • EPEAT Gold certification 
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