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The Samsung P2270 is a 22" LCD monitor that falls between the P2070 and P2370 in the "Touch of Color" (ToC) product line.

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attractive stand and bezel

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16:9 aspect ratio is perfect for watching media

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fast 2ms response time

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full 1080p capable resolution

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16:9 aspect ratio is not ideal for office productivity or web surfing

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cheap stand - limited ergonomics

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TN panel - cheap and fast at the expense of colour quality and viewing angles

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The Samsung P2270 is a 22" LCD monitor that falls between the P2070 and P2370 in the "Touch of Color" (ToC) product line.  The ToC line injects a subtle touch of color into the transparent plastic monitor bezel to enhance the aesthetics of the monitor, depending on your taste. The P2270 has a rich gray coloring in the bezel, to give it a glass-like appearance and deliver crystal clear high-definition images. The glass stand neck gives the illusion that this monitor is floating, and the monitor uses Samsung’s unique Startlight Touch Controls which integrate the On Screen Display (OSD) buttons to eliminate any actual buttons that may take away from its aesthetics. The 16:9 aspect ratio displays HD content with precision, making this a versitile monitor for home or office space.  The ultra fast 2ms (GTG) video response time give an even crisper image, and this model offers a 1080p full-HD experience.  The crystal bezel not only adds aesthetics to the monitor, but also reduces light reflection and glare, and sits on a swivel stand for optiomal screen positioning.  All the new ToC monitors use half the wattage of other monitors thanks to their two-lamp low power consuption, and use manufacturing processes that eliminate harmful paints and sprays  for better recyclability.

  • 22" LCD display
  • 2ms GTG video response time
  • 1080p full-HD resolution
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Aesthetically pleasing ToC crystal bezel and glass stand neck
  • Swivelling stand
  • Two-lamp low power consuption
  • No harmful paints and sprays used in manufacturing
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