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The SD590C boasts a curved screen that takes your entertainment experience to a whole new level.

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The SD590C boasts a curved screen that takes your entertainment experience to a whole new level. The radius and depth of the curve create a wider field of view and make the screen seem larger and more immersive than a flat screen of the same size. And because the screen edges are physically closer, matching the natural curves of your eyes, you get uniform viewing distance across the entire screen a more comfortable viewing experience that is easy on your eyes.

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  • 27-Inch Curved Full-HD Monitor
  • 3000:1 Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • 178-degree extra-wide viewing angle
  • 4ms response time & 60Hz frequency
  • Optimized for entertainment with Game Mode and built-in dual stereo speakers
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Color Options

  • Black
  • Glossy White
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Expertly Crafted

Featuring a 27 inches Curved LED Screen, the S27D590CS monitor delivers a captivating , realistic viewing experience that takes entertainment to a whole new level. To develop this monitor Samsung engineers studied the human eye to determine the optimal screen curvature, which puts every corner of the screen at the same distance from your eyes providing the most comfortable immersive viewing experience.

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Pre-Set Viewing Modes

With just one touch of a button the S27D590CS automatically optimizes brightness and contrast to best display your content. Six pre-programmed modes, including Game Mode, allows you to easily switch settings to optimize the screen to view everything from tiny text to the most intricate details of fast-paced games.

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Wide Field of View

Equipped with an extra-wide viewing angle of 178-degrees horizontally and vertically. This design feature optimizes the viewing experience from any position and minimizes picture distortion. The monitor also offers a 3000:1 high contrast ratio featuring Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio (Mega DCR) technology and a typical brightness of 350 cd/m2. Together, these features provide viewers with vibrant picture quality and improved visibility of on-screen action.

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Functional, Sleek Design

Constructed from sophisticated metallic materials, the S27D590CS was designed with a clean and understated look that ensures nothing distracts viewers from the enhanced viewing experience of the curved screen. Elevated on a sleek, T-shaped stand, the picture seems to almost float in mid-air, framed perfectly by a super narrow bezel. The monitor's metallic body and clean back also enhance its sophisticated and minimalist silhouette.

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Built-in Dual Stereo Speakers

Experience immersive surround sound with built-in 5-Watt, 2-channel dual stereo speakers. The rich, high-quality sound will take your entertainment to new heights.

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Connectivity Optimized for Entertainment

Featuring a high-quality HDMI cable and all the connections you need to make the most of your entertainment. Connect to game consoles, Blu-ray players and other AV devices with the convenience and quality of HDMI, or use the D-Sub ports to connect to PCs. It even has a Display Port, making it simple and easy to connect to other displays.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this 1080p or 4k?

    The max resolution is 1920x1080 according to the Samsung site.

  • Does this display utilize LCD pixels or LED pixels?

    The panel is LCD with LED BACK LIGHT. All panels including the big TV manufactures that call their TVs LED displays are LCD. LED is always the light source.

  • When it comes to coding and working on black terminals for most of the time, how does this monitor differ from its flatter counterparts?

    The slight curve is easier on your eyes. You don't have to turn your head to interact with the information on the edges of the screen, eye movement tracks nicely with the curve.

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