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The Samsung 226BW is a value-priced 22" widescreen LCD monitor with a 16: 10 aspect ratio.

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Very fast response time (2ms)

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Fantastic price for the quality (shop around for ~$300)

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Superb contrast ratio (1000:1, 3000:1 dynamic setting)

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capable of playing 720p high definition media

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"MagicBright" quick display setting button

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Limited adjustment options (only tilt and swivel)

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The "A", "S", "C" panel debacle

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Limited input options (no component video, only a single DVI)

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TN panel - fast and cheap at the expense of colour depth and viewing angles

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not 1080p

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The Samsung 226BW is a value-priced 22" widescreen LCD monitor with a 16:10 aspect ratio. This monitor has a native resolution of 1680 x 1050 with its 0.282 mm pixel pitch, and boasts an incredibly fast 2ms grey-to-grey response time. It is also a very bright screen with deep blacks, coming from its 1000:1 contrast ratio and 300 cd/m brightness rating.

The 226BW also includes a "dynamic contrast" settings that boosts the contrast ratio to 3000:1 by dynamically brightening and dimming the screen based on the content. Reviews have suggest that this featured is useful for gaming, but perhaps not in the typical Windows environment because of overblown colors.

This 226BW comes in a sleek black, glossy finish. The only adjustments that you can make are by tilting the monitor front-to-back or to swivel the entire screen. This monitor includes a single VGA and a single DVI-D input. The DVI input supports HDCP (not common among its class) making it compatible with Blu-Ray DVD players with an HDMI-to-DVI adapter (purchased separately).

There has been some controversy concerning the various "versions" of this model that have been available on the market. The LCD panel included in the display has been provided by three different manufacturers, Samsung, AU Optronics, and CMO, that have been dubbed the "S-Panel", "A-Panel", and "C-Panel" respectively. The issue is that the quality varies across the three panel types. More information about this and for instructions on determining which type of panel you have, take a look at BeHardware's analysis of the Samsung 226BW.

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05/20/2008 03:26

oh yeah, I got one of these awhile back - its been great!

09/28/2007 01:37

BeHardware can help you out. [link]

09/28/2007 01:26

HI everyone! I got a samsung 226BW monitor, but it doesn't have a letter. how can I tell which one I have.

09/25/2007 11:21

Nice. I'm interested in hearing about what you think of it.

09/25/2007 10:49

I think I'm gonna buy this - probably this week.

06/23/2007 10:23

Aspect ratios are funny beasts and cause for quite a bit of issues. It's actually a big issue among some people that the 360 doesn't support 16:10 output. I think that 16:10 is used since that's better for certain monitors. It's more a limitation of the technology than being better for a person's experience. I'm just guessing at this though, as I do agree it's quite annoying.

06/22/2007 03:44

What's the point of a 16:10 aspect ratio? Why change from the normal 16:9? Did I miss something about aspect ratios, or is this one of the few things that uses 16:10? Also is 14:9 the same as 16:10. I did some math and got 16:10=14.4:9.

06/19/2007 12:21

Im running a new Samsung 19" widescreen SyncMaster 931bw and its great. 2mn response, 2000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 1440x900 native res. (could be better, but it seems so few monitors are available now with extra high resolution). Would be really nice to have a 22" though. The second monitor right now is an older NEC LCD that has a line through it about 1/3 of the way up

06/19/2007 10:54

I want this pretty badly. I have an 17" Sony LCD, and I could definitely use the 22" real estate. From the reviews I've read, it sounds like a pretty fantastic buy and at a great price. There is some confusion around the S,A,C panel debate, but I would agree to try and get the Samsung-made S-panel if possible.

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