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The Samsung SyncMaster 2053BW is a 20" widescreen LCD monitor with a maximum resolution of 1680 x 1050.

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Good price to performance ratio

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Includes DVI and VGA cable

6 agree

Excellent contrast ratio

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Sleek look

4 agree

Swivel base

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capable of displaying 720p high definition

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Bright and Light weight

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Can't raise the monitor, only tilting is available

6 agree

Doesn't support vertical orientation easily

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no HDMI input

3 agree

MagicTune Premium can ruin the monitor

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not 1080p capable

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Stops working after 1 year

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TN matrix - cheap to produce/cell and fast at the expense of colour depth and viewing angles

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The Samsung SyncMaster 2053BW is a 20" widescreen LCD monitor with a maximum resolution of 1680 x 1050 and a dot pitch of 0.258 mm. It is a TN type panel with a fast response time and good contrast ratio (8000:1 dynamic, 1000:1 static), but does not feature true 8-bit color detail, rather relying on 6-bits of color scaled to produce 16.7 Million colors. It can be found for around $250, but has an MSRP of $299. It is part of Samsung's new SyncMaster 53 series released in April 2008 including the 953BW, 2053BW, 2253LW and 2253BW for $239, $299, $319 and $349, respectively (MSRP).

  • 20" widescreen LCD monitor
  • panel type: TN
  • aspect ratio: 16:10
  • max. resolution: 1680 x 1050
  • dot pitch: 0.258 mm
  • color: 16.7M, 6-bit (not true 8-bit)
  • contrast ratio: 8000:1 dynamic, 1000:1 static
  • brightness: 300 cd/m2
  • inputs: VGA + DVI-D (single link)
  • price: $250
Post Review
12/06/2010 10:45

This is the worst monitor for reliability. I've had TWO break down within 2 years of use. The first one just randomly stopped working. The second one is pure pink and will only work (in pink mode) intermittently. These are the WORST! I would never buy another Samsung monitor, even though they seem like a good value at the outset.



12/06/2010 05:50

these should have a 3-year warranty, no?



05/20/2012 12:57

I have used my 2053 for over 3 years now has been a great monitor.Very happy with the purchase evcen though it was half price as a shop demo...Sorry to hear you have had issues with your monitors.For two monitors to go I would think you have a power issue.We had alot of problems with our supply due to lightening always was getting stuff fried.Installed surge protection on everything and havnt lost any equipment for years.Small insuramce for expensive electronic stuff.

05/23/2008 08:08

I'm running two of these monitors side by side, one connected through DVI and the other through VGA. Overall they're pretty friggin sweet, especially for the price ($250 CAD) and I'm extremely happy with them. However, the natural difference in quality between DVI and VGA bothers me a little bit, so I figured I'd use the included MagicTune software to tweak some color values.

A little while later I run the MagicTune option which is supposed to automatically configure the monitor. What ended up happening is the program totally borked the VGA output on the monitor so make the white balance totally out of wack. No amount of tweaking could make it look normal, and trying the monitor on different computers produced the same result, so it was the monitor and not the graphics card. Thankfully the monitor is only a few days old so I just exchanged it for a new one that is working fine.


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