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Samsung CLX-3175FW multifunction colour printer is the mid line model within the CLX line-up.

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includes multiple ways to connect to the device (Ethernet, USB 2.0, 802.11B/G)

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can be used to print, copy or scan without the use of a computer

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better quality prints than inkjet equivalents

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can be placed almost anywhere - small form factor and wireless access

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cheap + good

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somewhat slow (16ppm)

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fairly expensive for a consumer printer/scanner/copier/fax machine

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wireless connectivity spotty with Vista

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Samsung CLX-3175FW multifunction colour printer is the mid line model within the CLX line-up that has been designed with a space saving footprint. There are a few additional features which separates this model from the more basic multifunction printers. Most notably, on top of the print, scan and copy capabilities, the CLX-3175FW can also perform fax functions. Beyond the slimmer, more compact design of the CLX-3175FW, there are a few other advantages over this unit has over the CLX-3160FN and the CLX-3175FN. The USB interface is High-Speed, and there are more optical resolution options when making copies. (text dedicated, or magazine sensitive for example) Additionally, Wireless 802.11b/g Network diversifies the units communication on top of the standard USB and Ethernet 10/100 interfaces. The laser printer performs all functions in colour, and has been equipped with quiet NO-NOIS technology to minimize racket. Other useful features on the CLX-3175FW, is the Direct USB function, allowing users the print, scan, copy or fax from an external device without the use of a PC. Additionally, found on the unit is a panel monitor, which serves as an assistant providing information about the printer’s tasks and troubleshooting issues. The copy capabilities and scanning functions are the same as other CLX models, with high resolutions standards and a variety of abilities.        

  • Multifuntion Laser Colour Print, Scan, Copy and Fax
  • Less than 14s for first mono print (16ppm)
  • Text, Text/Photo, Maganize resolutions modes in Copy
  • ID Copy, Clone Copy, N-UP Copy, Poster Copy
  • Colour Flatbed Scanner
  • Scan to USB, Folder, Network or Application
  • ITU-T G3 Fax
  • 15 Page ADF capacity
  • USB 2.0, Ethernet 10/100, and 802.11b/g wireless network interface
Post Review
08/01/2010 03:05

I have had the CLX-3175 for 2 months now. It was quite a bargain, cheaper than my inkjet, and blowing it away in almost every aspect. Well, except my wireless network connectivity was missing in action sometimes on my vista box, so I finally just direct usb'd it. Fantastic machine, my hats off to the koreans who developed it. It is a rare joy that one can spend money and truly get value for it. I feel gratitude to Samsung for producing such a product. Thanx Fellas.

12/08/2009 11:37

Only have unit 3 days. I LOVE IT even though I have not yet connected all the multifunction aspects of this very-inexpensive-LASER and COLOR printer. I print business cards for my clients and when my HP Laser died on me I was doubious about purchasing the SAMSUNG, however this little dynamo unit prints on the heavier paper without dragging (double printing) on the last two cards. Thank you SAMSUNG you've done an excellent job and kept the price affordable.

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