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Samsung CLX-3170FN multifunction colour printer is the mid line model within the CLX line-up.

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all components feel solid and sturdy, nothing flimsy anywhere on it

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reasonably compact for the number of functions it performs

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setup is fairly easy, instructions are clear and straight forward

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colors are sharp and bright, easy to see from far away

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not capable of realistic color printing

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after being used for awhile paper tends to get jammed

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scan to email function is inconsistent, software doesn't always seem to do what it's supposed to

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generates a lot of heat, need to ensure the area is ventilated

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Samsung CLX-3170FN multifunction colour printer is the mid line model within the CLX line-up that has been designed with a space saving footprint. There are a few additional features which separates this model from the more basic multifunction printers. Most notably, on top of the print, scan and copy capabilities, the CLX-3170FN can also perform fax functions. Beyond the slimmer, more compact design of the CLX-3170FN, there are a few other advantages over this unit has over the CLX-3160FN. The USB interface is High-Speed, and there are more optical resolution options when making copies. (text dedicated, or magazine sensitive for example) The laser printer performs all functions in colour, and has been equipped with quiet NO-NOIS technology to minimize racket. Other useful features on the CLX-3170FN, is the Direct USB function, allowing users the print, scan, copy or fax from an external device without the use of a PC. Additionally, found on the unit is a panel monitor, which serves as an assistant providing information about the printer’s tasks and troubleshooting issues. The copy capabilities and scanning functions are the same as other CLX models, with high resolutions standards and a variety of abilities.        

  • Multifuntion Laser Colour Print, Copy, San, and Fax
  • 4ppm Colour Print speed in A4
  • ID Copy, Clone Copy, N-Up Copy, Poster Copy
  • Text/Photo, Magazine Mode for resolution options
  • Colour Flatbed Scanner
  • 4800dpi X 4800dpi resolution
  • Scan to USB, Folder, Application, Newtork
  • ITU-T G3 Fax
  • 2 MB memory (CLX 3160FN holds 4MB)
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Mike Underwood
10/01/2010 05:22

I have been trying to get help from Samsung for days (someone will call me back). I have been trying to get the scan to email working and was told that it's hard enough to get scanning to work over the network and that the scan to email only works about 10% of the time. So I asked the service tech, if he was telling me this is defective software and he said I am not saying that but you can. What a waste of money.

Larry a. Maxwell
09/26/2009 10:33

This is the worst printer I have ever owned and I haave owned many.
It gets so hot, I am almost afraid the paper will catch on fire. Now that is hot!!
This printer eats toner. It get more than 500 copies from a cartridge.
Makes the paper so static it clings together and misfeeds.

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