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The Samsung RMC30C2 is a middle-end universal remote.

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Wi-Fi transmitter - no need to point remote directly at the television

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few physical buttons - most functions are accessible through the LCD touchscreen

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full QWERTY touch keyboard allows for easier app interaction

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proprietary USB charging system - doesn't connect directly into a USB port

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LCD screen drains battery life - remote needs to be recharged every 3-4 days

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inaccurate touch screen - requires very precise input for those with larger fingers

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physical keys are not user programmable

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only compatible with certain Samsung products

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The Samsung RMC30C2 is a middle-end universal remote. It is similar to a universal remote by Logitech, the Harmony One. Both remotes share features such as touch screens and rechargeable batteries. However, the Samsung RMC30C ultimately takes an advantage, featuring things such as a full QWERTY touch keyboard, both IR and Wi-Fi support, and the ability to browse PC files (and other Samsung Allshare products) and stream them to the users television. The RMC30C2 can use both IR and Wi-Fi to control devices in the users house. This means that the user can use the IR when close to an object, and if they're far away from it, they can use the Wi-Fi to take control of it. The RMC30C2 also can access files from a users PC, and stream them directly to the television. This eliminates the need for things such as DVD and Blu-Ray players, as the user may simply purchase and download the content onto their computer, and watch it on their TV. This feature is also compatible with other Samsung Allshare products, including digital cameras and cell phones.

  • Touch screen
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • IR Support
  • Wi-Fi support
  • Can stream media from other Samsung Allshare products
  • Can browse media files on PC
  • HDMI-CEC control
  • USB cable included
  • Customizable macros
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